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  • Parcel Tracking
    Track parcels/shipments with companies like UPS, DHL, TNT, DPD, OCS, Business Post, Royal Mail, and FedEx.
  • Currency Converter
    This currency convertor will convert between any two foreign currencies using up to date exchange rates from various sources.
  • Gold Price Converter
    This is a currency converter for the precious metals. It converts the price of precious metals, in the currency and the weights you define on one side of the Converter, into the price in the currency and the weights you define on another side of the Converter.The exchange rate used is from international well-known Bank.
  • Measurement Converter
    It is a measurement unit convert for volume,length/distance, area, weights, liquid, accelerations, angles, density, energy, force, power, pressure, speed, and temperature.
Top Use:How can I convert a metric ton to petroleum barrel(bbl)?

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