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Gold Coins Chart (International Gold Coins Searchable Collection)

 This is a searchable collection of  international gold coins. Information  includes  content, weight and diameter of gold coins. When you want to buy and price gold, The chart is  resource for your gold coin investing.
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Gold Coins Chart, Gold Coins Collecting
Description/Denomination Diameter(mm) Coin Weight(g) Gold Content(oz.tr.)Gold Content
American Eagle Gold Coins
One Ounce $5032.734.05131.10348.917UNITED STATES
Half $252717.025.515.55174.917UNITED STATES
Quarter $10228.513.257.77587.917UNITED STATES
Tenth $516.53.412.13.11035.917UNITED STATES
American Double Eagles - Gold $20
Historically American gold eagles are $10 gold coins, and double eagles are $20 gold coins, issued between 1849 and 1933. Please don't confuse them with the modern gold eagle bullion coins made since 1986, and containing one ounce of gold, and fractions of one ounce.
$203433.436.967730.09883.9UNITED STATES
USA Gold $10 Coins
1.Indian Head Type,Coronet or Liberty Type;2.1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games Commemorative Coin
$102716.718.483915.05097.9UNITED STATES
American Gold $5 Half Eagles
Indian Head Type,Coronet or Liberty Type21.68.359.241877.523.9UNITED STATES
American Gold Coin $3
Princess, Indian Head20.54.51.145124.51374.9UNITED STATES
American Quarter Eagles - Gold $2.5
The original US quarter eagles had a face value of two and a half dollars. Please don't confuse them with the modern quarter ounce gold bullion eagles.
From 1840 -184.18.1213.76352.9UNITED STATES
American Gold Coin $1
Liberty Head131.6718.05381.67337.9UNITED STATES
Indian Head151.6718.05381.67337.9UNITED STATES


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