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Calculate bra size and convert breast size

On this page, the calculator allows the user to calculate bra/breast/cup size in different countries by measuring the circumference of  bust as indicated on  picture on the right .  It can also convert bra size between different counties involving American, Canadian, Chinese, Italian, British, European, Japanese, Australian and New Zealand.

If under bust you entered is between 25-42, it uses inches as the default measurement unit. If under bust you entered is between 65-105, the default measurement unit is centimeter.

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  Under Bust    Over Bust      

If you want to convert bra size between different countries,  enter the size in one of  fields and pick a cup depth in following box below.
US/Canda  Britain  China/Japan  
New European system  France   Australia/New Zealand  Italy
Note: 1.New European system is defined in the new European standard EN 13402 and based.
           2.The way bras are sized in Japan is "cup depth (in alphabet)"+"under bust size (in cm)". So 70A would be A70.

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