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Farm income & Expense Calculator

The most common income of farmer is the sale of grains,livestock,produce,and other products raised or bought for resale. The cost  of the farm may differ depending on the location.Calculating how much is spent on  living expenses is never easy. To control the finances of your farm, you have to know where your money comes from and where it goes. This calculator can help you take control of living expenses and sharpen your managerial skills.
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Farm income & Expense Calculator
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Farm Income & Expense

farming 18000
events random dinners 5 per year 35000
weddings 4 per year 40000
photography - rent property for photo shoots 3 times per month24000
for 8 months per year on avg. per day $ 1000
vineyard owner leases land on hill 15 acres annually 15000
horse rental for pole barn and riding on property designated areas 7200
- horse 2 -3 high end horses 300 per month 0
Total Income140200
Mortgage Interest10000
landscape/ maintenance 5500
misc. annual misc.items adding parking etc. 3000
septic per year50
Utilities minimal electric right now2000
Well maintenance / pump 200
Total Expense29650
Net Income110550

Farm businesses Management

Calculating how much is spent on family living expenses is never easy. But it can be especially hard when the family and the business are tied closely together, as they are on the family farm. Revenue is income generated by the farm operations. Farm businesses are expected to see reduced costs for many major expense categories, including ,fertilizer, feed, and fuel.
Farm-Family Financial Challenges Farm families have some unique characteristics that make managing farm-family finances especially challenging.

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