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Scrap Gold Calculator

The Scrap Gold Calculator allows the user to calculate the value of scrap gold jewellery.  You can add multiple weight items into  item list to calculate the total value. The weight measurement can be troy ounce, troy grain, pennyweight, troy pound, gram, kilogram, carat, avoirdupois ounce, pound, Hong Kong catty, Hong Kong tael, Hong Kong mace/tsin, city catty(China), tael(Japan), baht(raw gold or bullion,Thailand), Chi(Vietnam), mesghal(Iran), Don(South Korea), tola(india).
You can also use the price Calculator to realize other precious metals, such as silver, platinum, palladium and  rhodium.
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Scrap Gold Calculator
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MetalsGold  Silver  Platinum  Palladium  Rhodium
Currency  Weight Units  Unit Price

Note: You can pick a currency and a unit of weight,  enter a unit price as you need to calculate the total value.  And if you keep the unit price field blank, the latest live spot price on the COMEX exchange will be loaded automatically when you click to calculate the result.
Item List

Amount  Weight Unit  Content  Percentage

Total Weight: .585ounce(troy or apothecaries)Total Value: USD969.34

Top Use:    Calculate Scrap gold value - Unit Price:USD1657/ounce(troy or apothecaries)

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