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EarGauge Size Chart

This earring/body jewelry gauge size chart specifies sizes for gauging your body piercings. It  illustrates how jewelry thickness increases as gauge number decreases, commonly from 20 gauge down to 00 gauge. Standard size ear piercings are usually done with an eighteen or twenty gauge needle.
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EarGauge Size Conversion Chart:
Gauge Fractional size Inches Millimetres
  1/32" 0.031" 0.794mm
18ga   0.040" 1.024mm
  3/64" 0.047" 1.191mm
16ga   0.051" 1.291mm
14ga 1/16" 0.064" 1.628mm
12ga 5/64" 0.081" 2.053mm
  3/32" 0.094" 2.381mm
10ga 1/10" 0.102" 2.588mm
8ga 1/8" 0.128" 3.264mm
  5/32" 0.156" 3.969mm
6ga   0.162" 4.115mm
  3/16" 0.178" 4.763mm
4ga 13/64" 0.204" 5.189mm
2ga 1/4" 0.258" 6.544mm
0ga 5/16" 0.325" 8.251mm
00ga   0.365" 9.266mm
  3/8" 0.375" 9.525mm
000ga   0.410" 10.41mm
  7/16" 0.438" 11.11mm
0000ga 15/32" 0.460" 11.68mm
  1/2" 0.5" 12.7mm
00000ga 33/64" 0.517" 13.1mm
  9/16" 0.563" 14.3mm
  5/8" 0.625" 15.9mm
  11/16" 0.688" 17.5mm
  3/4" 0.75" 19.1mm
  13/16" 0.813" 20.6mm
  7/8" 0.875" 22.2mm
  15/16" 0.9375" 23.8mm
  1" 1.0" 25.4mm

Pick the right size Earring/body jewelry for your piercings

Some people's ears naturally stretch over time due to the wearing of large or heavy jewelry. Whether your ears are stretched naturally, professionally,  or by yourself,  you can use the size chart above to determine what size will work for you.

How to Gauge Your Ears

1. Purchase a pair of ear rings whose post is a size bigger than your ear piercing size. If your present gauge is 0.8 mm, then buy an earring pair with 1.0 mm gauge.
2. Soak the ear piercing in warm water with an antibacterial soap.This will relax and clean your lobes, making gauging a little easier.
3. Choose the ear lobe you'll start with. Take one earring and insert it gently into the ear piercing.
4. Follow these same steps for your other ear.

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