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Gold Coins Chart (International Gold Coins Searchable Collection)

 This is a searchable collection of  international gold coins. Information  includes  content, weight and diameter of gold coins. When you want to buy and price gold, The chart is  resource for your gold coin investing.
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Gold Coins Chart, Gold Coins Collecting
Description/Denomination Diameter(mm) Coin Weight(g) Gold Content(oz.tr.)Gold Content
Algerian Gold Coins
5 Dinar2816.12.476814.83014.92ALGERIA
American Samoan Gold Coins
50 Dollars218.6397.257.77587.9AMERICAN SAMOAN
Andorran Gold Coins
Andorra is not a full member of the European Union, but enjoys a special relationship with it, such as being treated as an EU member for trade in manufactured goods (no tariffs) and as a non-EU member for agricultural products. Andorra lacks a currency of its own and uses that of its two surrounding nations. Prior to 1999 these were the French franc and the Spanish peseta, which have since been replaced by a single currency, the euro. Unlike other small European states that use the Euro, Andorra does not yet mint its own euro coins; in October 2004, negotiations between Andorra and the EU began on an agreement which would allow Andorra to mint its own coins.
25 Diners24.57.77.14564.52867.583ANDORRA
Argentinian Gold Coins
Argentina has only produced a limited number of gold coins, the early coins were denominated in escudos. From 1881 to 1896, argentinos were issued which were equivalent to five pesos, and there was also a half argentino, although these were only issued in two years, and both dates are rare.
1 Argentino 5 Pesos228.0645.23347.25955.9ARGENTINA
1/2 Argentino 2.5 Pesos19.34.0322.11673.62978.9ARGENTINA
Armenian Gold Coins
25,000 Drams184.3.12443.86927.9ARMENIA
Aruban Gold Coins
50 Florin226.72.19456.04963.9ARUBA
Australian gold nugget coins
Ten Ounce (1991) 2,500 Dollars59.7311.6210311.03477.9999AUSTRALIA
Two Ounce (1991) 500 Dollars40.462.324262.20695.9999AUSTRALIA
Half 50 Dollars25.115.594.515.55174.9999AUSTRALIA
Quarter 25 Dollars20.17.807.257.77587.9999AUSTRALIA
Tenth 15 Dollars16.
Twentieth 5 Dollars13.71.555.051.55517.9999AUSTRALIA
1995 to 2003 Floral Emblems of Australia Gold Coins
Individual Gold Proof Coin 150 Dollars3015.91.5115.86277.999AUSTRALIA
Complete 9 Coin Gold Proof Set 150 Dollars143.154.6143.07599.999AUSTRALIA
2005 Australian Gold $100 Dancing Man 1 Ounce Gold Coin
1 Ounce25.131.107131.10348.9999AUSTRALIA
2005 ANZAC Commemorative Coins
This coin issue was a joint co-operation between the Perth Mint in Australia, and New Zealand Post.
2005 Australian Gold $100 Dancing Man
1 Ounce25.131.107131.10348.9999AUSTRALIA
1852 Adelaide Gold Pound
One Pound228.75.25798.02159.917AUSTRALIA
Five Pounds3243.751.289540.10793.917AUSTRALIA


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