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HS Code and Harmonized Tariff Schedule of Canada 
Enter either the first part of an HTS category number up to 8 digits or any part of a product description.    


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HS Code and Harmonized Tariff Schedule of Canada
HS NoSS Description of Goods Unit of Meas.  MFN Tariff Applicable Preferential Tariffs
2901.23.0090Acyclic hydrocarbons. - Unsaturated: - Butene (butylene) and isomers thereof - OtherKGMFreeCCCT, LDCT
2901.24.0000Acyclic hydrocarbons. - Unsaturated: - Buta-1,3-diene and isopreneKGMFreeCCCT, LDCT
2901.29.00 Acyclic hydrocarbons. - Unsaturated: - OtherKGMFreeCCCT, LDCT
2901.29.0011Acyclic hydrocarbons. - Unsaturated: - Other - Linear alpha olefins, unmixed: - 1-octeneKGMFreeCCCT, LDCT
2901.29.0012Acyclic hydrocarbons. - Unsaturated: - Other - Linear alpha olefins, unmixed: - 1-hexeneKGMFreeCCCT, LDCT
2901.29.0019Acyclic hydrocarbons. - Unsaturated: - Other - Linear alpha olefins, unmixed: - OtherKGMFreeCCCT, LDCT
2901.29.0091Acyclic hydrocarbons. - Unsaturated: - Other - Other: - NonenesKGMFreeCCCT, LDCT
2901.29.0099Acyclic hydrocarbons. - Unsaturated: - Other - Other: - OtherKGMFreeCCCT, LDCT
29.02 Cyclic hydrocarbons.   
2902.11.0000Cyclic hydrocarbons. - Cyclanes, cyclenes and cycloterpenes: - CyclohexaneKGMFreeCCCT, LDCT
2902.19.0000Cyclic hydrocarbons. - Cyclanes, cyclenes and cycloterpenes: - OtherKGMFreeCCCT, LDCT
2902.20.0000Cyclic hydrocarbons. - BenzeneKGMFreeCCCT, LDCT
2902.30.0000Cyclic hydrocarbons. - TolueneKGMFreeCCCT, LDCT
2902.41.0000Cyclic hydrocarbons. - Xylenes: - o-XyleneKGMFreeCCCT, LDCT
2902.42.0000Cyclic hydrocarbons. - Xylenes: - m-XyleneKGMFreeCCCT, LDCT
2902.43.0000Cyclic hydrocarbons. - Xylenes: - p-XyleneKGMFreeCCCT, LDCT
2902.44.0000Cyclic hydrocarbons. - Xylenes: - Mixed xylene isomersKGMFreeCCCT, LDCT
2902.50.0000Cyclic hydrocarbons. - StyreneKGMFreeCCCT, LDCT
2902.60.0000Cyclic hydrocarbons. - EthylbenzeneKGMFreeCCCT, LDCT
2902.70.0000Cyclic hydrocarbons. - CumeneKGMFreeCCCT, LDCT
2902.90.00 Cyclic hydrocarbons. - OtherKGMFreeCCCT, LDCT
2902.90.0030Cyclic hydrocarbons. - Other - NaphthaleneKGMFreeCCCT, LDCT
2902.90.0090Cyclic hydrocarbons. - Other - OtherKGMFreeCCCT, LDCT
29.03 Halogenated derivatives of hydrocarbons.   
2903.11.0000Halogenated derivatives of hydrocarbons. - Saturated chlorinated derivatives of acyclic hydrocarbons: - Chloromethane (methyl chloride) and chloroethane (ethyl chloride)KGMFreeCCCT, LDCT

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