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Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States  
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Harmonized Tariff Schedule
HTS NoStat Suffix Description Unit of Quantity Rates of Duty
1 2
General Special
1001.90.2029Having a specified protein content exceeding 14.2% by weightkg
1005.10.0010Yellow cornkg
1005.90.2000Yellow dent cornkg0.05¢/kgFree (A,AU,BH,CA, CL,E,IL,J,JO,MA, MX,P,SG)0.98¢/kg
1006.10.0000Rice in the husk (paddy or rough)kg1.8¢/kgFree (A+,AU,BH, CA,CL,D,E,IL,J, JO,MA,MX,P,SG)2.8¢/kg
1006.20.4080Mixtures of any of the abovekg
1006.30Semi-milled or wholly milled rice, whether or not polished or glazed:
1006.30.9040Mixtures of any of the abovekg
1008Buckwheat, millet and canary seed; other cereals (including wild rice):
1008.30.0000Canary seedkg0.12¢/kgFree (A,AU,BH,CA, CL,E,IL,J,JO,MA, MX,P,SG)2.2¢/kg
1102.10.0000Rye flourkg0.23¢/kgFree (A+,AU,BH, CA,CL,D,E,IL,J, JO,MA,MX,P,SG)1¢/kg
1104.19.1000Of barleykg2¢/kgFree (A+,AU,BH, CA,CL,D,E,IL,J, JO,MA,MX,P,SG)4.4¢/kg
1104.29.1000Of barleykg1.2%Free (A+,AU,BH, CA,CL,D,E,IL,J, JO,MA,MX,P,SG)17%
1201.00.00Soybeans, whether or not brokenFree4.4¢/kg
1207.91.0000Poppy seedskg0.06¢/kgFree (A,AU,BH,CA, CL,E,IL,J,JO,MA, MX,P,SG)0.7¢/kg
1208.10.0000Of soybeanskg1.9%Free (A+,AU,BH, CA,CL,D,E,IL,J, JO,MA,MX,P,SG)20%
1209.24.0000Kentucky blue grass (Poa pratensis L.) seedkg1.2¢/kgFree (A+,AU,BH, CA,CL,D,E,IL,J, JO,MA,MX,P,SG)11¢/kg
1209.25.00Rye grass (Lolium multiflorium Lam., Lolium perenne L.) seed1.4¢/kgFree (A+,AU,BH, CA,CL,D,E,IL,J, JO,MA,MX,P,SG)6.6¢/kg
1209.29.9176Wild ryekg
1209.30.00Seeds of herbaceous plants cultivated principally for their flowers1¢/kgFree (A,AU,BH,CA, CL,E,IL,J,JO,MA, MX,P,SG)13.2¢/kg
1209.91.5000Parsleykg0.68¢/kgFree (A+,AU,BH, CA,CL,D,E,IL,J, JO,MA,MX,P,SG)4.4¢/kg
1211Plants and parts of plants (including seeds and fruits), of a kind used primarily in perfumery, in pharmacy or for insec- ticidal, fungicidal or similar purposes, fresh or dried, whether ornot cut, crushed or powdered:
1211.40.0000Poppy strawkgFreeFree

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