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Famous Diamonds Chart (A Searchable Collection of Famous Diamond in the World)

This is a searchable collection of  famous diamonds in the world. Famous diamonds  have been talked about or written about in various stories and official documents, they are part of our world's history and have been found in various parts of the world by all types of people. The chart is  resource for your diamond buying and collecting.
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Famous Diamonds Chart
Agra DiamondAgra Diamond
Antique cushion-shaped stellar brilliant, 28 carats (5.6 g).
Color: colorless
Cut Weight(carat): 28.15
Cut: Cushion
Country of origin: India

Allnatt DiamondAllnatt Diamond
A 101.29-carat (20.26 g) antique cushion-shaped brilliant fancy vivid yellow diamond.
Color: yellow
Cut Weight(carat): 101.29
Cut: Cushion
Country of origin: probably South Africa
Date discovered: unknown (pre-1950s)

Archduke Joseph DiamondArchduke Joseph Diamond
Antique cushion-shaped brilliant, originally weighing 78.54 carats (15.71 g), purchased by Molina Jewelers of Arizona sometime in the late-1990s and slightly re-cut to 76.45 carats (15.29 g) to improve clarity and symmetry. D color, Internally Flawless.
Color: colorless
Rough Weight(carat): 78.54
Cut Weight(carat): 76.45
Cut: Cushion
Country of origin: probably India

Ashberg DiamondAshberg Diamond
It is said that this amber-colored, cushion-shaped diamond weighing 102.48 carats, was formerly part of the Russian Crown Jewels. It must have been a late addition to that collection because the stone bears all the characteristics of one from South Africa. In 1934 the Russian Trade Delegation sold the diamond to Mr. Ashberg, a leading Stockholm banker. The Stockholm firm of Bolin, former Crown Jewellers to the Court of St. Petersburg, mounted it as a pendant. In 1949 the Ashberg was displayed, mounted in a necklace containing diamonds and other gemstones, at the Amsterdam Exhibition, the aim of which was to attract new workers to the diamond industry. Ten years later the Bukowski auction house in Stockholm put the Ashberg up for sale but it failed to reach its reserve and was withdraw. Then its owner succeeded in selling the gem to a private buyer whose name was not revealed. Finally, in May, 1981, Christies auctioned the diamond in Geneva where once again it failed to reach its reserve and was withdrawn. Source: Diamonds - Famous, Notable and Unique by GIA and Famous Diamonds by Ian Balfour.
Color: amber
Cut Weight(carat): 102.48
Cut: Cushion
Country of origin: Russia

Black OrlovBlack Orlov
a 67.50-carat (13.50 g) cushion-cut black diamond, also called the Eye of Brahma Diamond.
Color: black
Cut Weight(carat): 67.5
Cut: Cushion
Country of origin: India
Date discovered: early 19th century

Cross of AsiaCross of Asia
discovered in 1902 in South Africa as a 280-carat (56 g) crystal. At first diamond was cut to 142 carats (28 g), and next the cut was three times changed to 112 carats (22 g), a cushion-cut of 109.28 carats (the weight Lawrence Copeland's "Diamonds - Famous, Notable and Unique" lists it at) measuring 1? ? ? inches, and finally into a radiant-cut gem of 79.12 carats (15.82 g) to eliminate all flaws. It is Fancy Yellow and Internally Flawless.
Color: yellow
Rough Weight(carat): 200
Cut Weight(carat): 142
Cut: Cushion
Country of origin: South Africa
Date discovered: 1902

Cullinan DiamondCullinan Diamond
the largest rough gem-quality diamond ever found at 3106.75 carats (621.35 g). It was cut into 105 diamonds including the Cullinan I or the Great Star of Africa, 530.2 carats (106.04 g), and the Cullinan II or the Lesser Star of Africa, 317.4 carats (63.48 g), both of which are now part of the British Crown Jewels.
Color: colorless
Rough Weight(carat): 3106.75
Cut: Assorted (Cushions, Pears, Marquises)
Country of origin: South Africa
Date discovered: 1905

widely considered to be the largest artificially irradiated diamond in the world, at 104.52 carats (20.90 g).
Color: yellow
Cut Weight(carat): 104.52
Cut: Cushion
Country of origin: Premier Mine,South Africa

Dresden White DiamondDresden White Diamond
The Dresden White diamond is a 49.71-carat, colorless, cushion-cut diamond.A designed golden fleece incorporates both the Dresden White(on top) and Dresden Green diamonds (in the middle).
Color: colorless
Cut Weight(carat): 49.71
Cut: Cushion
Country of origin: India

Eureka DiamondEureka Diamond
the first diamond found in South Africa, a yellow-brown 21.25-carat (4.25 g) stone (before cutting) resulting in a finished diamond 10.73 carats (2.15 g)
Color: yellow-brown
Rough Weight(carat): 21.25
Cut Weight(carat): 10.73
Cut: Cushion
Country of origin: South Africa
Date discovered: 1867

Golden Jubilee DiamondGolden Jubilee Diamond
the largest faceted diamond ever cut at 545.67 carats (109.13 g)
Color: yellow-brown
Rough Weight(carat): 755.5
Cut Weight(carat): 545.67
Cut: Fire Rose Cushion Cut
Country of origin: South Africa
Date discovered: 1985

Hope DiamondHope Diamond
45.52 carats (9.10 g), is a Fancy Dark Grayish-Blue diamond and supposedly cursed. Almost certainly cut from the French Blue Diamond.
Color: blue
Cut Weight(carat): 45.52
Cut: Antique Cushion
Country of origin: India


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