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Famous Diamonds Chart (A Searchable Collection of Famous Diamond in the World)

This is a searchable collection of  famous diamonds in the world. Famous diamonds  have been talked about or written about in various stories and official documents, they are part of our world's history and have been found in various parts of the world by all types of people. The chart is  resource for your diamond buying and collecting.
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Famous Diamonds Chart
The Angola StarThe Angola Star
A 217.39 carat rough diamond found in Angola.Extremely unique in size, shape and character, it is the prize jewel of Diamond in the Rough's impressive collection.
Rough Weight(carat): 217.39
Cut: Rough Diamonds
Country of origin: Angola(Africa)

Tiffany Yellow DiamondTiffany Yellow Diamond
antique modified cushion-shaped stellar brilliant cut, on display at Tiffany & Co.'s New York City store. It weighs 128.54 carats (25.71 g).
Color: yellow
Rough Weight(carat): 280
Cut Weight(carat): 128.54
Cut: Modified antique cushion brilliant
Country of origin: South Africa
Date discovered: 1878

Uncle SamUncle Sam
Uncle Sam is the nickname for the largest diamond ever discovered in the United States, emerald-cut, M color (pale brown), VVS2 clarity. It was found in 1924 in Murfreesboro, Arkansas at the Prairie Creek pipe mine, which later became known as the Crater of Diamonds State Park.The rough diamond as originally discovered weighed 40.23 carats (8.046 g).
Color: brown
Rough Weight(carat): 40.23
Cut Weight(carat): 12
Cut: Emerald-cut
Country of origin: America
Date discovered: 1924

Vargas diamondVargas diamond
The Vargas Diamond, discovered in Brazil on August 13, 1938 by Joaquim Venancio Tiago and Manoel Miguel Domingues, was 726.6 carats (145.3 g) when pulled out of the ground. Twenty nine smaller diamonds were carved from the larger rough Vargas Diamond including the 48.26-carat (9.65 g) emerald cut diamond named "President Vargas".
Color: blue-white
Rough Weight(carat): 726.6
Cut: Rough Diamond
Country of origin: Brazil
Date discovered: 1938

Williamson pink diamondWilliamson pink diamond
The Williamson pink diamond is flawless pink diamond discovered at the Williamson diamond mine in Tanzania in 1947. The owner of the mine, Canadian geologist John Williamson, gave the uncut stone to Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip upon their wedding in November 1947.
Color: pink
Cut Weight(carat): 23.6
Cut: Round
Country of origin: Tanzania
Date discovered: 1947

Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond
35.56 carats (7.11 g), Fancy Deep Grayish Blue, VS2 clarity., antique oval stellar brilliant cut - was recut! Sold at Christie's, London, December 10, 2008 for $23.4 million to Lawrence Graff, currently the second highest price ever paid for a diamond at auction.
Color: blue
Cut Weight(carat): 35.56
Cut: Antique oval stellar brilliant
Country of origin: India
Date discovered: Mid-1600s


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