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Famous Diamonds Chart (A Searchable Collection of Famous Diamond in the World)

This is a searchable collection of  famous diamonds in the world. Famous diamonds  have been talked about or written about in various stories and official documents, they are part of our world's history and have been found in various parts of the world by all types of people. The chart is  resource for your diamond buying and collecting.
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Famous Diamonds Chart
Akbar Shah
An Indian diamond which became famous during the days of the Mughal Empire. A diamond with a roughly pear-shaped outline and random faceting, including two Persian inscriptions, the first reading "Shah Akbar, the Grand King, 1028 A.H." (the letters mean Anno Hegirae). The second inscription read "To the Lord of Two Worlds, 1039 A.H. Shah Jehan". The diamond was reportedly part of the original Peacock Throne. Purchased in 1886 in Istanbul by London merchant George Blogg, who re-cut it from 116 carats (23 g) to a pear-shape of 71.70 carats (14.34 g), thus destroying the historic inscriptions. Blogg was the last known owner and the stone's whereabouts are presently unknown.
Color: colorless
Rough Weight(carat): 116
Cut Weight(carat): 71.7
Cut: Pear
Country of origin: India

Amsterdam DiamondAmsterdam Diamond
A 33.74 carat (6.748 g) pear-shaped black diamond which sold for $352,000 in 2001.
Color: black
Cut Weight(carat): 33.74
Cut: Pear
Country of origin: South Africa
Date discovered: 1973

Beau SancyBeau Sancy
The Beau Sancy is a 34.98-carat (7.00 g) modified "pear double rose cut" diamond that has been owned by a number of European royal houses. In May 2012, it was sold at auction for $9.57 million.
Color: colorless
Cut Weight(carat): 34.98
Cut: Pear

Cora Sun-Drop DiamondCora Sun-Drop Diamond
largest known pear-shape fancy vivid yellow diamond, found in South-Africa
Color: yellow
Cut Weight(carat): 110.3
Cut: Pear
Country of origin: South Africa
Date discovered: 2010

Cullinan DiamondCullinan Diamond
the largest rough gem-quality diamond ever found at 3106.75 carats (621.35 g). It was cut into 105 diamonds including the Cullinan I or the Great Star of Africa, 530.2 carats (106.04 g), and the Cullinan II or the Lesser Star of Africa, 317.4 carats (63.48 g), both of which are now part of the British Crown Jewels.
Color: colorless
Rough Weight(carat): 3106.75
Cut: Assorted (Cushions, Pears, Marquises)
Country of origin: South Africa
Date discovered: 1905

Dresden Green DiamondDresden Green Diamond
41-carat (8.2 g) antique pear-shaped brilliant - its color is the result of natural irradiation
Color: green
Cut Weight(carat): 41
Cut: Pear
Country of origin: India
Date discovered: Before 1722

Earth Star DiamondEarth Star Diamond
Earth Star Diamond was found at South African mine of De Beers, the Jagersfontein Mine on May 16, 1967. The diamond came from the 2,500-foot (760 m) level of the volcanic diamond-bearing pipe. The rough gem weighed 248.9 carats (49.8 g) and was cut into a 111.59 carats (22.32 g) pear-shaped gem with a strong brown color and extraordinary brilliance. The diamond was bought in 1983 for $900,000.
Color: brown
Cut Weight(carat): 111.59
Cut: Pear
Country of origin: South Africa
Date discovered: May 16, 1967

Edcora Red
A modified pear shaped diamond and GIA graded as the FANCY RED-BROWN is the largest known Red diamond in the world. Currently owned by some diamond company in Hong Kong.
Color: red
Cut Weight(carat): 5.71
Cut: Pear

Empress Eugenie DiamondEmpress Eugenie Diamond
52-carat (10 g) antique pear-shaped brilliant with an odd, random facet pattern
Cut Weight(carat): 52
Cut: Pear
Country of origin: Brazil
Date discovered: early 18th Century

Great Chrysanthemum DiamondGreat Chrysanthemum Diamond
The Great Chrysanthemum Diamond is a diamond measuring 104.15 carats (20.830 g) with a Pear-Shaped Modified Brilliant Cut, rated in colour as Fancy Orange-Brown and I1 clarity by the Gemological Institute of America. The diamond's origins are in South Africa, where it was bought by the jeweler Julius Cohen as a 198.28 carat (39.656 g) rough in 1963.
Color: orange-brown
Cut Weight(carat): 104.15
Cut: Pear
Country of origin: South Africa
Date discovered: 1963

Lesotho PromiseLesotho Promise
is the 15th-largest diamond, the tenth-largest white diamond, and the largest diamond to be found in 13 years. The original stone was 603 carats (121 g), although the largest diamond after the cutting was 75 carats (15 g).
Color: colorless
Rough Weight(carat): 603
Cut Weight(carat): 75
Cut: Pear
Country of origin: South Africa
Date discovered: 22 August 2006

Millennium StarMillennium Star
at 203.04 carats (40.61 g) is the second-largest colorless (grade D), flawless diamond.
Color: colorless
Rough Weight(carat): 777
Cut Weight(carat): 203.04
Cut: Pear Brilliant
Country of origin: Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire)
Date discovered: 1990


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