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Famous Diamonds Chart (A Searchable Collection of Famous Diamond in the World)

This is a searchable collection of  famous diamonds in the world. Famous diamonds  have been talked about or written about in various stories and official documents, they are part of our world's history and have been found in various parts of the world by all types of people. The chart is  resource for your diamond buying and collecting.
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Famous Diamonds Chart
Cora Sun-Drop DiamondCora Sun-Drop Diamond
largest known pear-shape fancy vivid yellow diamond, found in South-Africa
Color: yellow
Cut Weight(carat): 110.3
Cut: Pear
Country of origin: South Africa
Date discovered: 2010

Cross of AsiaCross of Asia
discovered in 1902 in South Africa as a 280-carat (56 g) crystal. At first diamond was cut to 142 carats (28 g), and next the cut was three times changed to 112 carats (22 g), a cushion-cut of 109.28 carats (the weight Lawrence Copeland's "Diamonds - Famous, Notable and Unique" lists it at) measuring 1? ? ? inches, and finally into a radiant-cut gem of 79.12 carats (15.82 g) to eliminate all flaws. It is Fancy Yellow and Internally Flawless.
Color: yellow
Rough Weight(carat): 200
Cut Weight(carat): 142
Cut: Cushion
Country of origin: South Africa
Date discovered: 1902

Darya-ye Noor DiamondDarya-ye Noor Diamond
The largest pink diamond in the world, approximately 182 carats (36 g), originally from India but now part of Iranian Crown Jewels. Its exact weight is not known; 182 carats (36 g) is an estimate.
Color: pink
Cut Weight(carat): 182
Cut: Tabular, free-form. Inscribed.
Country of origin: India

widely considered to be the largest artificially irradiated diamond in the world, at 104.52 carats (20.90 g).
Color: yellow
Cut Weight(carat): 104.52
Cut: Cushion
Country of origin: Premier Mine,South Africa

Dresden Green DiamondDresden Green Diamond
41-carat (8.2 g) antique pear-shaped brilliant - its color is the result of natural irradiation
Color: green
Cut Weight(carat): 41
Cut: Pear
Country of origin: India
Date discovered: Before 1722

Dresden White DiamondDresden White Diamond
The Dresden White diamond is a 49.71-carat, colorless, cushion-cut diamond.A designed golden fleece incorporates both the Dresden White(on top) and Dresden Green diamonds (in the middle).
Color: colorless
Cut Weight(carat): 49.71
Cut: Cushion
Country of origin: India

Dresden Yellow Diamond
Famous round-cut yellow diamond weighing 38 carats on display at the Green Vaults of the Albertinum Museum in Dresden, Germany.
Color: yellow
Cut Weight(carat): 38
Cut: Round

Earth Star DiamondEarth Star Diamond
Earth Star Diamond was found at South African mine of De Beers, the Jagersfontein Mine on May 16, 1967. The diamond came from the 2,500-foot (760 m) level of the volcanic diamond-bearing pipe. The rough gem weighed 248.9 carats (49.8 g) and was cut into a 111.59 carats (22.32 g) pear-shaped gem with a strong brown color and extraordinary brilliance. The diamond was bought in 1983 for $900,000.
Color: brown
Cut Weight(carat): 111.59
Cut: Pear
Country of origin: South Africa
Date discovered: May 16, 1967

Empress Eugenie DiamondEmpress Eugenie Diamond
52-carat (10 g) antique pear-shaped brilliant with an odd, random facet pattern
Cut Weight(carat): 52
Cut: Pear
Country of origin: Brazil
Date discovered: early 18th Century

Excelsior DiamondExcelsior Diamond
the largest known diamond in the world prior to the Cullinan at 970 carats (190 g), it was later cut into 10 pieces of various sizes (13C68 carats)
Color: colorless
Rough Weight(carat): 970
Cut Weight(carat): 68
Cut: Rough Diamond
Country of origin: South Africa
Date discovered: June 30, 1893

Florentine DiamondFlorentine Diamond
a lost diamond, light yellow with a weight of 137.27 carats (27.45 g).
Color: yellow
Cut Weight(carat): 137.27
Cut: Nine-sided 126-facet double rose cut
Country of origin: India

Golden Eye DiamondGolden Eye Diamond
a large, radiant-cut fancy intense yellow diamond (43.5 carats).
Color: yellow
Cut Weight(carat): 43.51
Cut: Radiant
Country of origin: South Africa


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