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Gemstone Chart (A Searchable Collection of Precious/Semi-precious Stone Information)

This is a searchable collection of  international precious stone/gem. With its sparkle and color, a gem can mystify and intrigue people.  Most gemstone buyers purchase gems  for making jewelry.  But some buyers are gemstone collectors. The chart is  resource for your gemstone buying and collecting.
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Gemstone Chart
Natural Lapis Natural Lapis
Lazurite is a popular but generally expensive mineral. Well-formed, deep blue crystals are rare and valuable. Lapis lazuli is a gemstone of the kind that might have come straight out of the Arabian Nights: a deep blue with golden inclusions of pyrites which shimmer like little stars.
Color: Blue, greenish-blue, violet blue
Categories: semi-precious stone
Chemical Composition: A complex aggregate
Crystal Group: Not applicable
Refractive Index: 1.5
Hardness: 5.5
Density: 2.7-2.9
Occurrence: Afganistan, Pakistan, Chile, Russia, U.S.A., Angola, Burma

Natural Mawsitsit Natural Mawsitsit
Mawsitsit is a rare, intense green variety of jadeite found in Burma.Mawsitsit is named for its source location, the small village of Mawsitsit.It is found in only one deposit on earth..
Color: Green with black spots
Categories: semi-precious stone
Crystal Group: Not applicable
Refractive Index: 1.52
Hardness: varies, up to 7
Density: 2.5-3.2
Occurrence: Mawsitsit, Burma

Natural Moonstone Natural Moonstone
The most common moonstone is of the mineral adularia.It is an opaque stone, a simi-clear white, kind of the color of watered down milk.Moonstone Jewellery uses the gemstone moonstone as its main stone.
Color: white, blueish white.
Categories: semi-precious stone
Chemical Composition: KalSI3O8
Crystal Group: Monoclinic
Refractive Index: 1.518 C 1.526
Hardness: 6 C 6.50
Density: 2.55 C 2.57
Occurrence: Sri Lanka, India, Madagascar, Burma, Tanzania, U.S.A.

Natural Peridot Natural Peridot
Peridot is the best known gem variety of olivine, a species name for a series of magnesium-iron rich silicate minerals.It is one of the prettiest of all green gems.Most peridot formed deep inside the earth and was brought to the surface by volcanoes. Some has also come to Earth in meteorites, but this extraterrestrial peridot is extremely rare, and you're not likely to see it in a retail jewelry store.
Color: Green, olive.
Categories: semi-precious stone
Chemical Composition: (Mg,Fe)2(SiO)4
Crystal Group: Orthorhombic
Refractive Index: 1.654-1.689
Hardness: 6.5
Density: 3.34
Occurrence: China, Burma, East Africa, U.S.A., and Vietnam

Natural Ruby Natural Ruby
ruby is a pink to blood-red gemstone, a variety of the mineral corundum.Ruby has been the world's most valued gemstone for thousands of years. It was said to be the most precious of the twelve stones God created when he created all things and this "lord of gems" was placed on Aaron's neck by God's command.
Color: red, orangey red, violetish red
Categories: precious stone
Chemical Composition: AL2O3
Crystal Group: Hexagonal
Refractive Index: 1.759-1.778
Hardness: 9
Density: 4
Occurrence: Burma, Thailand, East Africa, Vietnam, Madagascar.

Natural Sapphire Natural Sapphire
Sapphire is a gemstone variety of the mineral corundum,Blue is the main colour of the sapphire. Its beauty, its magnificent colours, its transparency, but also its constancy and durability are qualities associated with this gemstone by gemstone lovers and specialists alike.Fancy sapphires are pure individualism and are just made for lovers of individualistic coloured stone jewellery. They are currently available in a positively enchanting variety of designs - as ring stones, necklace pendants or ear jewellery.
Color: blue, bluish purple, bluish violet, greenish yellow, orangy yellow, purple, red, reddish orange, red-orange or orange-red, reddish purple, red-purple or purple-red, slightly purplish red, violet, violetish blue, yellow, yellowish orange, pink
Categories: precious stone
Chemical Composition: AL22O3
Crystal Group: Hexagonal
Refractive Index: 1.759-1.778
Hardness: 9
Density: 4
Occurrence: Sri Lanka, Burma, India, Kenya, Tanzania, Madagascar, Thailand, U.S.A., China

Natural ScapoliteNatural Scapolite
Scapolite is actually the name of a series between the sodium chloride rich mineral called marialite and the calcium carbonate rich mineral meionite.Scapolite was originally discovered in 1913 in the Mogok Stone Tract in upper Burma (Myanmar). Scapolite is a rare and little known gemstone. It is a beautiful gem that comes in many colors.
Color: white, yellow, violet,pink
Categories: semi-precious stone
Chemical Composition: Na4Al3Si9O24Cl /CA4Al6Si6O24CO3
Crystal Group: Tetragonal
Refractive Index: 1.54 - 1.577
Hardness: 6
Density: 2.6-2.71
Occurrence: Kenya, Mozambique, Madagascar, Burma, Brazil, Canada.

Natural Sillimanite Natural Sillimanite
Sillimanite is an alumino-silicate mineral with the chemical formula Al2SiO5. Sillimanite is a very rare trimorph and it has a common variety called fibrolite.
Color: violet blue, grey green, colorless, brown, green,
Categories: semi-precious stone
Chemical Composition: Al2OSiO4
Crystal Group: Orthorhombic
Refractive Index: 1.658 - 1.678
Hardness: 6 - 7.5
Density: 3.25
Occurrence: France, Madagascar, U.S.A., Sri Lanka, Burma. Kenya


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