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Glycemic Index Food List, GI Foods List

We offer a searchable collection of Glycemic Index(GI) and Glycemic Load(GL) data on thousands of foods. The glycemic index, glycaemic index, or GI measures how fast a food effects your blood sugar level. This can be helpful to manage diabetes and prevent heart disease. You can enter GI value, GL value or keywords to search for a related foods list/chart.
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Glycemic Index Food List

Breakfast Cereals and Related Products
Rice Bran breakfast cereal, extruded (Rice Growers CoOperative Ltd, Leeton, Australia)1930143
Hot cereal, unflavored breakfast cereal (Con Agra Inc., USA)2530195
Divine Date spread (Buderim Ginger, Buderim, QLD, Australia)2925165
Dates, Khalas (Tamer, dark brown commercial) (60 g), eaten with fullfat plain yoghurt (125 g)291855015
AllBran? breakfast cereal (highfiber, extruded wheat bran cereal) (Kellogg's, Pagewood, NSW, Australia)3030154
Dates, Bo ma'an variety, dried and vacuum packed31604614
AllBran Soy 'n fiber? breakfast cereal (Kellogg's, Australia)3330144
Dates, Khalas variety, dried and vacuum packed36604516
Dates, Khalas (Rutab, soft early ripened) (90 g), eaten with fullfat plain yoghurt (125 g)372155019
Guardian? breakfast cereal (Kellogg's, Australia)3730125
Hot cereal, apple & cinnamon breakfast cereal (Con Agra Inc, USA)3730228
AllBran? breakfast cereal (highfiber, extruded wheat bran cereal) (Kellogg's, Battle Creek, MI, USA)3830218
Barley flour porridge breakfast cereal, made from milled highamylose (covered) barley kernels (flour:water = 1:3), boiled for 2.5 min3950 (dry)2811
Muesli, Natural (Sanitarium, Australia)4030198
Corn hominy (Zea mays)401503012
White rice (Oryza sativa), boiled (Ghana)401504217
Hot oat cereal (30 g), cocoa flavor prepared with 125 mL skim milk40155239
Ultrabran? breakfast cereal, Vogel's, soy and linseed extruded wheat bran cereal (30.2 g fiber per 100 g) (Specialty Cereals, Australia)4130135
AllBran Fruit 'n Oats? breakfast cereal (Kellogg's, Australia)4130177
Brgen? Rye Muesli (George Weston Foods, Australia)4130177
Porridge, made from rolled oats (Uncle Toby's, Australia)42250219
Muesli, toasted (Purina, Sydney, NSW, Australia)4330177
Vogel's Cluster Crunch, Honey Hazelnut breakfast cereal (Specialty Cereals, Australia)4330198
Wild Oats Cluster Crunch Hazelnut Chocolate breakfast cereal (Specialty Cereals, Australia)4330198
Bran cereal, high fiber breakfast cereal4330125
Hot oat cereal (30 g), berry flavor prepared with 125 mL skim milk431552611
Dates, Khalas (Tamer, sun dried stored in traditional Bedu manner) variety45604520
Muesli, yeast & wheat free (Freedom Foods, Australia)4530104

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