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Famous Diamonds Chart (A Searchable Collection of Famous Diamond in the World)

This is a searchable collection of  famous diamonds in the world. Famous diamonds  have been talked about or written about in various stories and official documents, they are part of our world's history and have been found in various parts of the world by all types of people. The chart is  resource for your diamond buying and collecting.
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Famous Diamonds Chart
Darya-ye Noor DiamondDarya-ye Noor Diamond
The largest pink diamond in the world, approximately 182 carats (36 g), originally from India but now part of Iranian Crown Jewels. Its exact weight is not known; 182 carats (36 g) is an estimate.
Color: pink
Cut Weight(carat): 182
Cut: Tabular, free-form. Inscribed.
Country of origin: India

Graff PinkGraff Pink
24.78-carat (4.96 g) A 24.78-carat Fancy Intense Pink diamond and the most expensive jewel ever sold at auction, previously owned by Harry Winston and an unnamed private collector, and bought by Laurence Graff (November 2010).
Color: pink
Cut Weight(carat): 24.78
Cut: Emerald

Martian PinkMartian Pink
Named by American jeweler Ronald Winston in 1976. Sold by auction in May 2012 for US $17 million, "the largest round fancy intense pink diamond to ever go under the hammer", according to Christie's.
Color: pink
Cut Weight(carat): 12.04
Cut: Round

Nur-Ul-Ain DiamondNur-Ul-Ain Diamond
around 60 carats (12 g) originally from India but now part of the Iranian crown jewels.
Color: pink
Cut Weight(carat): 60
Cut: Oval Brilliant
Country of origin: India

Star of the SouthStar of the South
The 128.48-carat Star of the South is one of the world's most famous diamonds. Discovered in 1853, it became the first Brazilian diamond to receive international acclaim. The stone was graded as VS-2 in clarity and Fancy Light Pinkish-Brown in color. It was also determined to be a type Iia diamond.
Color: pinkish-brown
Cut Weight(carat): 128.48
Cut: Cushion
Country of origin: Brazil
Date discovered: 1853

Steinmetz Pink DiamondSteinmetz Pink Diamond
modified oval brilliant cut (step cut crown, brilliant pavilion), largest known fancy vivid pink, at 59.60 carats (11.92 g).
Color: pink
Cut Weight(carat): 59.6
Cut: Oval

Williamson pink diamondWilliamson pink diamond
The Williamson pink diamond is flawless pink diamond discovered at the Williamson diamond mine in Tanzania in 1947. The owner of the mine, Canadian geologist John Williamson, gave the uncut stone to Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip upon their wedding in November 1947.
Color: pink
Cut Weight(carat): 23.6
Cut: Round
Country of origin: Tanzania
Date discovered: 1947


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