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Gold Coins Chart (International Gold Coins Searchable Collection)

 This is a searchable collection of  international gold coins. Information  includes  content, weight and diameter of gold coins. When you want to buy and price gold, The chart is  resource for your gold coin investing.
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Gold Coins Chart, Gold Coins Collecting
Description/Denomination Diameter(mm) Coin Weight(g) Gold Content(oz.tr.)Gold Content
Somalian Gold Coins
The first Somalian gold coins were issued in 1965 to celebrate the fifth anniversary of independence. Other commemorative gold coins have been issued since. Somali coins are denominated in shillings, scellini in Italian (singular scellino), but also known as somalo, presumably the plural of somalo is somali.
20 Shillings17.752.8.0812.51938.9SOMALIA
200 Shillings3828.8.810225.20004.9SOMALIA
Spanish Gold Coins
20 Pesetas216.4516.18675.80702.9SPAIN
Swedish Gold Coins
Before 1873, Sweden issued gold coins denominated in Marks, and also trade coins denominated in ducats. In 1873, it adopted decimal currency, since when its gold coins have been denominated in kronor, the singular of which is krona.
20 Kronor238.9606.25938.06513.9SWEDEN
Swiss Gold Coins
20 Francs21.26.4516.18675.80702.9SWITZERLAND
Gold Coins of Trinidad & Tobago
200 Dollars3011.17.17965.58618.5TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO
Tunisian Gold Coins
In ancient times, the coins of Carthage belonged to the Greek coin series, later Roman. In more recent times, Tunisian coins were denominated in sultani and half sultani, later in piastres, changing to francs under the French. From the beginning of the Republic, they are denominated in dinars.
20 Francs21.156.4516.18675.80702.9TUNISIA
Turks and Caicos Islands Gold Coins
All Turks and Caicos Islands gold coins are commemoratives.
100 Crowns (2002)3931.15131.10348.9999TURKS AND CAICOS ISLANDS
Gold Coins of Ukraine
200 Hyrven2517.5.515.55174.9UKRAINE
Alderney Gold Coins
In the short time for which Alderney had been issuing gold coins, it has made a variety of denominations. These appear to split into two series. Large format two and five pound coins have been issued as gold proof versions of cupro-nickel commemorative crown sized coins. Another series starts with a small ten pound coin and progresses through twenty five, fifty and hundred pound coins.
One Pound (2009)13.921.244.039961.24289.999UNITED KINGDOM
Twenty Five Pounds (2003) KINGDOM
Guernsey Gold Coins
In the short time for which Guernsey had been issuing gold coins, it has made a wide variety of denominations. First in 1981 was a pound coin, similar in dimensions to a British sovereign. The 2 coin of 1997 is the gold version of the two pound issued in cupro-nickel and also in a silver proof version, and is therefore a large heavy coin, much larger than the higher value denominations which we will now describe. A five pound was issued in 1995 with a weight of 7.81 grams, and a twenty five pounds was issued in 1994 with the same weight. Ten pounds, fifty pounds and hundred pounds were also in 1994 using a weight standard proportional to the 25 coin. Other high denomination gold coins have also been issued since 1994 with using this same weight standard. All these gold coin issues have been proofs.
Five Pounds 2000/1/238.6139.941.177136.6119.9166UNITED KINGDOM
Five Pounds Piedfort 200238.6179.882.354273.22381.9166UNITED KINGDOM
Ten Pounds 200565155.585155.51738.999UNITED KINGDOM
2000 Manx Queen Mother Pearl Gold Coin
Fifth226.824.26.2207.9999UNITED KINGDOM
Jersey Gold Coins
Jersey is the largest and best known of the Channel Islands. It is a dependency of the Island of Guernsey, is ruled directly by the British Crown, and is not subject to the British Parliament.
Twenty Five Pounds 200422.57.98.25347.88162.9166UNITED KINGDOM
Five Pounds 200238.6147.541.401243.58219.9166UNITED KINGDOM
Ten Pounds 2004651.55585155.51738.999UNITED KINGDOM
2003 Manx Gold Coin Set
The Isle of Man issued a 5 coin gold proof set set in 2003, 'The Golden Age of Elizabeth I' with designs featuring Elizabeth I, Henry VIII, Sir Walter Raleigh, Francis Drake & William Shakespeare.
Half3015.551.515.55174.9999UNITED KINGDOM
Fifth226.22.26.2207.9999UNITED KINGDOM


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