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Clothing Size Converter and Calculator

The converter allows the user to convert international different clothing sizes between America, Canada, Europe, France, Spain, China, British, Ireland, Japan,  Russia, Australia,  New Zealand, Italy and Germany. Enter your body  dimension such as chest/Bust, waist and hip measurement, it can also calculate a perfect fit for your body.

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Convert Size
Bust      Waist       Hip
Chest   Neckband  Sleeve
If bust/chest you entered is between 25-50, it uses inches as the default measurement unit. If bust/chest you entered is between 65-125, the default measurement unit is centimeter.
Clothing Size Conversion Results
China Women's Dresses and Suits 165/90                  (S)
Germany Women's Dresses and Suits 34
Europe/France/Spain Women's Dresses and Suits 36
Italy Women's Dresses and Suits 40
United Kingdom/Ireland Women's Dresses and Suits 8
Japan Women's Dresses and Suits 9
United States of America/Canada Women's Dresses and Suits 6
Australia/NewZealand Women's Dresses and Suits 10
United States of America/Canada Women's Top(Sweaters, Blouses, Tank Tops, T-shirts, Polo Shirts,Anything on the upper part of the body) S
Russia Women's Dresses and Suits 44
Europe/France Women's Dresses and Suits T1
Reference Dimension(CM) Chest/Bust:88-90   
Reference Dimension(Inch) Chest/Bust:34.6-35.4  

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