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Gold price converter

The price converter converts the price in the currency and measurement unit specified on the left hand side into the price in the currency and the measurement unit specified on the right hand side. Foreign travelers can use it to realize local gold price into their own currency and weight unit. You can also use the price converter to convert other precious metals, such as silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium and others.

The measurement units on both sides can be avoirdupois ounce,  troy grain,  pound,  troy pound, pennyweight, gram, kilogram, carat, Hong Kong catty, city catty(China), Hong Kong tael,  tael(Japan),  Hong Kong mace/tsin, baht(raw gold or bullion,Thailand), Chi(Vietnam), mesghal(Iran), Don(South Korea), tola(india), etc.The exchange rate used is from international well-known Bank.

Gold Price Converter
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Top Use:    HongKong Dollar per tael(HONGKONG) to US Dollar per troy ounce

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