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Pants Size Converter and Calculator

The converter allows the user to convert international different trousers/jeans/skirt/pants sizes between America, Canada, Europe, France, China, British, Ireland, Australia,  New Zealand and Italy.  Enter your body  dimension such as waist and inseam/inside leg measurement, it can also calculate a perfect fit for your body.

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Convert Size
Waist         Hip
Waist         Inseam
If waist you entered is between 25-50, it uses inches as the default measurement unit. If waist you entered is between 65-125, the default measurement unit is centimeter.
Pants/Trousers/Jeans Size Conversion Results
China Women's Pants/Trousers 165/66A                  (S)
United States of America Women's Pants/Trousers 2
Europe Women's Pants/Trousers 34
United Kingdom/Ireland/Australia Women's Pants/Trousers 6
Reference Dimension(CM) Waist:68   
Reference Dimension(Inch) Waist:26.8  

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