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Price converter and calculator

Converting price between different currencies and calculating  price in various measurements.
The converter allows the user to convert between different currencies in easy price converter, and in complex price calculator, it can also convert price between different currencies in various measurements.
Easy Price Converter
Complex Price Calculator
Exchange rate last update on 2022-05-25
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The currencies can be U.S. Dollar(USD), Euro(EUR), Japanese Yen(JPY), Bulgarian Lev(BGN), Czech koruna(CZK), Danish Krone(DKK), Estonian Kroon(EEK), Pound Sterling(GBP), Hungarian Forint(HUF), Lithuanian Litas(LTL), Zloty(PLN), Swedish Krona(SEK), Swiss Franc(CHF), Norwegian Kroner(NOK), Croatian Kuna(HRK), Russian Rouble(RUB), New Turkish lira(TRY), Australian Dollar(AUD), Canadian Dollar(CAD), Chinese Yuan Renminbi(CNY), Hong Kong Dollar(HKD), Indonesian Rupiah(IDR), South-Korean Won(KRW), Mexican peso(MXN), Malaysian Ringgit(MYR), New Zealand Dollar(NZD), Philippine Peso(PHP), Singapore Dollar(SGD), Thai Baht(THB) and South African Rand(ZAR).

The following list measurements can be converted:
Weight/Mass  Kilogram, Gram, Milligram, Microgramme, Nanogram, Metric Ton, Quintal, Pound(Avoirdupois), Ounce(Avoirdupois), Long Ton, Short Ton, Dram, Grain(Avoirdupois), Stone, Hundredweight(Imperial), Quarter, Hundredweight(US), Catty(China), Tael(China), Tsin(China), Centi(China), Tael(Chinese Medicine), Tsin(Chinese Medicine), Centi(Chinese Medicine), Milli(Chinese Medicine), Picul(HONGKONG), Catty(HONGKONG), Tael(HONGKONG), Tsin(HONGKONG), Carat, Piont, Pearl Grain, ounce(troy or apothecaries), Pennyweight(Troy), Drachm(Apothecaries or Troy), Scruple(Apothecaries or Troy), Grain(Apothecaries), Momme(Japan Pearl), Ratti(India,Burma), Mangelin(India), baht(raw gold or bullion,Thailand), Chi(Vietnam), mesghal(Iran), Don(South Korea), Tola(India), Lathi(Burma), Pound(Apothecaries or Troy), Bali(Burma), Tickal(Burma), Viss(Burma), Chevvu<Chow,Tank>(Sri Lanka), Manchadi(Sri Lanka), Catty(Thailand), Checky(Turkey), Oitava, Octavo(Brazil), Bushel Wheat or Soybean, Bushel Corn, Bushel Barley US, Bushel Ota and Bushel Barley(Imperial).
Volume  Cubic Metre, Cubic Yard, Cubic Feet(Timber Foot), Cubic Inch, Cubic Centimetre(Medicine cc), Hectoliter, Cord-foot, Perch, Displacement Ton, Freight Ton, Load, Register Ton, Cord (Firewood), Cubic Fathom, Dekaliter, Cubic Decimetre, Board Foot Measure, Arce-foot, Acre-inch, Cubic Mile, Hectare Meter, Litre, Millilitre, centilitre, Gallon(Imperial), Pint(Imperial), Quarts(Imperial), Peck(Imperial), Gi(Imperial), Bushel(Imperial), Chaldron(Imperial), Strike(Imperial), Sack (Imperial)<Bag>, Barrel (Imperial), Hogshead (Imperial), Coomb, Water ton, Last, Quarter(Imperial), Fluid Ounce(Imperial), Kenning(Imperial), Fluid Dram(Imperial), Fluid Scruple(Imperial), Minim(Imperial), Pint(US Dry), Quarts(US Dry), Peck(US Dry), Bushel(US Dry Level), Bushel (U.S. Dry Heaped), Trike (US), Sack (US), Barrel (US Dry), Seam, Wey (US), Pint(US Liquid), Gallon(US Liquid;Wine), Quarts(US Liquid), Barrel (Petroleum), Barrel (US Fluid), Hogshead (US), Gi(US Liquid), Fluid Ounce(US Liquid), Fluid Dram(US Liquid), Minim(US Liquid), Butt(pipe), Tun, Cup(Metric), Teaspoon(US), Tablespoon(US), Cup(US) Teaspoon(Imperial),Tablespoon(Imperial), Cup(Imperial), Dash(Imperial), Dash(US), Drop (Imperial), Drop (US), Drop (Medical)(alt), Drop (Imperial) (alt),Drop (US) (alt), Drop (Metric), Pinch (US), Pinch (Imperial), Pony ,Shot, Jigger, Fifth, Lambda, Breakfast Cup, Beer Gallon, Bucket (Imperial), drum(55-gallon), Firkin and Kilderkin.
Length  Metre, Kilometre, Centimetre, Millimetre, Decimetre, Micron, Nanometer, Angstrom,  Yard, Foot, Inch, Mile, Furlong, Fathom, Gunter's Chain, Rod(Pole; Perch), Kiloyard, Hand (Equine), Link, City Inch(China), City Foot(China), City Zhang(China), Mile marin and Cables'length.
Area/Surface  Square Metre, Square Centimetre, Square Yard, Square Inch, Are, Square Feet, Square Kilometre, Acre, Square Mile, Hectare, Square Rod,  Section(U.S. Government Land), Township(U.S. Government Land), Quarter Section(U.S. Government Land), Eighth Section(U.S. Government Land), Sixteenth Section(U.S. Government Land), Mu(China) and Chains Square

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