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Fertilizer CalculatorNPK Calculator
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Recommendation from soil test report
N  P  K  Unit

Total Area/Field Size

List of Fertilizer  Items
Select Fertilizer Items  N  P  K
Urea(Kgs per 1 hectare)103.56
Diammonium phosphate(DAP)(Kgs per 1 hectare)65.22
Other(Kgs per 1 hectare)50
Total required for field size
Diammonium phosphate(DAP)(Kgs)65.22

Total Cost For Field Size
Net Weight Per Bag   Unit Price Per BagTotal BagsCost of Fertilizer
Diammonium phosphate(DAP)
Total Cost  

Tips and Warnings
If the calculations of fertilizer can be listed above,It means we have a unique solution.If  the fertilizer you choosed can not be listed above, that means it has either no solution or infinitely many solutions.

Top Use:    Calculate Fertilizer - N:100 P:80 K:80 Per acre Field Size:90 acre

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