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Agriculture Converter
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The converter can can be used to convert between the following list of measurement units of agriculture

Length  Metre, Centimetre, Yard, Foot, Inch, Mile, Furlong, Fathom, Gunter's chain, Rod(Pole;Perch), Kiloyard, Hand(equine), Link, City Inch(China), City Foot(China), City Zhang(China) and Mile Marin.

Area(Surface)  Square Metre, Square Centimetre, Square Yard, Square Inch, Are, Square Feet, Square Kilometre, Acre, Square Mile, Hectare, Square Rod, Section(U.S. Government Land), Township(U.S. Government Land), Quarter Section(U.S.  Government Land), Eighth Section(U.S. Government Land),  Sixteenth Section(U.S. Government Land),  Mu(China) and Chains Square.


Volume  Cubic Yard, Cubic Feet(Timber Foot), Cubic Inch, Hectoliter, Cord (Firewood), Dekaliterboard Foot Measure, Arce-foot, Acre-inch, Hectare Meter, Litre, Millilitre, Gallon(Imperial), Pint(Imperial), Quarts(Imperial), Peck(Imperial), Gi(Imperial), Bushel(Imperial), Chaldron(Imperial), sack(Imperial);Bag, Guarter(Imperial), Fluid Ounce(Imperial), Kenning(Imperial), Fluid Dram(Imperial), Pint(US Dry), Guarts(US Dry), Peck(US Dry), Bushel(US Dry Level), Bushel (U.S. Dry Heaped), Sack(US), Pint(US Liquid), Gallon(US Liquid;Wine), Quarts(US Liquid), Gi(US Liquid), Fluid Ounce(US Liquid), Table Spoon(Metric), Tea Spoon(Metric), Cup(Metric), Teaspoon(US), Tablespoon(US), cup(US), Teaspoon(Imperial), Tablespoon(Imperial) and Cup(Imperial).

Velocity/speed  Metre Per Second, Kilometre Per Hour, Knot, Foot Per Hour, Foot Per Second and Mile Per Hour.



Flow Rate(Mass)  Metric Ton Per Hour, Metric Ton Per Day, Kilograms Per Hour, Kilograms Per Day, Kilograms Per Minute, Pounds Per Hour, Pounds Per Minute, Short Ton Per Day and Short Ton Per Hour.



Flow Rate(Volume)  Gallon(US) Per Hour, Gallon(US) Per Day, Gallon(US) Per Year, Gallon(US) Per Minute, Gallon(US) Per Second, Liters Per Hour, Liters Per Day, Liters Per Year, Gallon(Imperial) Per Second, Gallon(Imperial) Per Minute, Gallon(Imperial) Per Hour, Gallon(Imperial) Per Year, Gallon(Imperial) Per Day, Cubic Meter Per Second, Cubic Meter Per Minute, Cubic Meter Per Hour, Cubic Yards Per Second, Cubic Yards Per Minute, Cubic Yards Per Hour, Acre Inch Per Hour, Acre Inch Per Day, Acre Feet Per Hour, Acre Feet Per Day, Cubic Foot Per Hour, Cubic Foot Per Day, Cubic Foot Per Year, Cubic Foot Per Second, Cubic Foot Per Minute and Hectare Meter Per Day.

Weight(Mass)  Kilogram, Gram, Metric Ton, Guintal, Pound(Avoirdupois), Ounce(Avoirdupois), Long Ton, Short Ton, Dram, Grain(Avoirdupois), Stone, Hundredweight(Imperial), Guarter, Hundredweight(US), Catty(China), Tael(China), Tsin(China), Ounce(Apothecaries or Troy), Drachm(Apothecaries or Troy), Scruple(Apothecaries or Troy), Grain(Apothecaries) and Pound(Apothecaries or Troy).

Other measurements convert
1 gallon water (20 C)= 8.33 pounds
1 foot of water (4 C) = .4335 pounds per sq. inch
1 pound per sq. inch = 2.307 feet of water (4 C)
1 cubic foot = 62.427 pounds of water (4 C)

1 bushel grain or shelled corn = 1.25 cubic feet
1 cubic foot grain or shelled corn = .8 bushels
1 bushel ear corn = 2.5 cubic feet
1 cubic foot ear corn = .4 bushels
1 board ft. = 1" x 12" x 12" nominal dimensions
1 cubic yard concrete = 81 sq. ft.-4" floor
1 cubic yard concrete = 54 sq. ft.-6" floor

phosphorus (P) x 2.29 = P2O5
P2O5 x.44 = phosphorus (P)
potassium (K) x 1.2 = K2O
K2O x .83 = potash (K)

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