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The converter can can be used to convert between the following list of measurement units of trade and business

Length  Metre, Kilometre, Centimetre, Millimetre, Yard, Foot, Inch, Mile, City Inch(China), City Foot(China) and City Zhang(China).



Area/Surface  Square Metre, Square Centimetre, Square Yard, Square Inch, Are, Square Feet, Square Kilometre, Acre, Square Mile, Hectare and mu(China).



Volume  Cubic Metre, Cubic Yard, Cubic Feet(Timber Foot), Cubic Inch, Cubic Centimetre(Medicine cc), Hectoliter, Cord (Firewood), Dekaliter, Board Foot Measure, Arce-foot, Acre-inch, Hectare Meter, Litre, Millilitre, Gallon(Imperal), Pint(Imperial), Quarts(Imperial), Peck(Imperial), Gi(Imperial), Bushel(Imperial), Barrel(Imperial), Quarter(Imperial), Fluid Dram(Imperial), Fluid Scruple(Imperial), Pint(US Dry), Quarts(US Dry), Peck(US Dry), Bushel(US Dry Level), Bushel (U.S. Dry Heaped), Sack(US), Barrel (US Dry), Pint(US Liquid), Gallon(US Liquid;Wine), Quarts(US Liquid), Barrel(Petroleum), Barrel (US fluid), Gi(US Liquid), Fluid Ounce(US Liquid) and Fluid Dram(US Liquid).


Power  Horsepower(Imperial), Watts(J/s or N•m/s), Kilowatts, Horsepower(Metric) and Kilovolt Ampere.



 Weight/Mass  Kilogram, Gram, Milligram, Metric Ton, Guintal, Pound(Avoirdupois), Ounce(Avoirdupois), Long Ton, Short Ton, Dram, Grain(Avoirdupois), Stone, Hundredweight(Imperial), Quarter, Hundredweight(US), Catty(China), Tael(China), Tsin(China), Picul(HONGKONG), Catty(HONGKONG), Tael(HONGKONG), Tsin(HONGKONG), Carat, Ounce(Apothecaries or Troy), Pennyweight(Troy), Drachm(Apothecaries or Troy), Scruple(Apothecaries or Troy), Grain(Apothecaries), Pound(Apothecaries or Troy), Bushel Wheat or Soybean, Bushel Corn, Bushel Barley(US), Bushel Ota and Bushel Barley(Imperial).


Top Use:    Weight/Mass conversion-metric ton to bushel Corn

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