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The converter can can be used to convert between the following list of measurement units of medicine:

Length  Metre, Millimetre, Micron, Nanometer, Angstrom and Inch.



Pressure  Atmosphere, Pascal(newton per square meter),  centimetre of water, Millimeter of Mercury (Torr) and Kilopascal(Meganewton Per Square Meter).



Volume  Cubic Centimetre(Medicine cc), Litre, centilitre, Millilitre, Pint(US Liquid), Fluid Ounce(US Liquid), Fluid Dram(US Liquid), Fluid Scruple(US Liquid),Minim(US Liquid),Fluid Ounce(Imperial), Fluid Dram(Imperial), Fluid Scruple(Imperial),Minim(Imperial), Drop (medical), Teaspoon(apothecaries) and Tablespoon(apothecaries). 


degrees Celsius and degrees Fahrenheit.



joule, kilojoule, calorie ,  kilocalorie(large calorie) and thermie.



Weight  Kilogram, Gram, Milligram, Microgramme, Nanogram, pound(avoirdupois), ounce(avoirdupois), stone, Catty(China), Tael(Chinese Medicine), Tsin(Chinese Medicine), Centi(Chinese Medicine), Milli(Chinese Medicine), ounce(troy or apothecaries), Drachm(Apothecaries or Troy), Scruple(Apothecaries or Troy), Grain(Apothecaries) and Pound(Apothecaries or Troy).


Commonly used medical units
Name International symbol
metre m
kilo-gram kg
second s
mole mol
square-meter m2
hertz Hz
mole/litre mol/L
watt W
volt V
lumen lm
lux lx
minute min
hour h
day d
litre l
bel/10,decitel db
curie Ci
rad rad(rd)
millimeter of mercury mmHg
centimetr of watercclumn cmH2O
rcentgen R
roentgen/sec R/s
calorie cal
  Converting Between IU and Mg
Vitamin A Acetate
1 IU = 0.344 mcg

Vitamin D
1 IU = 0.025 mcg
40 IU = 1 mcg

Vitamin E
1 IU = 0.735 mg d-alpha Tocopheryl Acetate
1 IU = 0.671 mg d-alpha Tocopherol
1 IU = 0.861 mg d-alpha Tocopheryl Succinate
1 IU = 1 mg dl-alpha Tocopheryl Acetate
1 IU = 0.91 mg dl-alpha Tocopherol
1IU=45.5μg pure crystalline insulin (1/22 mg exactly)
penicillin G
1IU=0.6μg of a USP Penicillin G Sodium

Top Use:    pressure conversion-millimeter of mercury (torr) to Kilopascal;meganewton per square meter

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