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Renal Failure Index CalculatorFractional Excretion of Sodium Calculator
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Renal Failure Index Calculator   

Urine   Sodium    

Serum Creatinine 

Urine Creatinine  

The renal failure index
The renal failure index is used to compare the sodium clearance with the creatinine clearance. It is one of several indices that help in
distinguishing prerenal azotemia from oliguric acute renal failure.

The renal failure index equation:
RFI= Na+(U)*Cr(S)/Cr(U)

RFI=The renal failure index(%)
Na+(U)=Urine Sodium(mEq/L)
Cr(S)=Serum creatinine(mg/dl)
Cr(U)=Urine creatinine(mg/dl)

A renal failure index greater than 1 is consistent with oliguric acute renal failure; an index less than 1 is consistent with prerenal Azotemia.

Top Use:    Calculating Renal Failure Index - Urine Sodium:80mmol/L Urine Creatinine:7.2mg/dL Serum Creatinine:2.75mg/dL

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