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Body Fat Calculator

On this page, the calculator allows the user to estimate the body fat percentage for Men and Women.  It can also determine your body fat status. You can set realistic fat loss targets when establishing your weight loss plan according to your fat status.
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Body Fat CalculatorBody Fat Percentage Chart
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Calculate Body Fat Percentage

FemaleMale        Weight

Body Measurement 
Waist Wrist    Hip    Forearm


Note: The calculation above are just approximations. Body Measurement is the unit of the following measurement.
For Men:  Waist: Waist Girth (measured at the umbilicus).
For Women:  Wrist : Wrist Circumference (measured at the widest point); Waist: Waist Circumference (measured at your umbilicus);
Hip: Hip Circumference (measured at the widest point);Forearm: Forearm Circumference (measured at the widest point).
Body Fat Percentage
Body fat percentage is the percentage of fat your body contains.It affects not only your weight and shape, but also affects your health.Obesity can be determined not only by body weight, but also by measurement of your body fat.

How to measure and calculate your Body Fat
If you can't have your body fat calculated by a fitness professional, You can use this calculator to estimate an approximate percentage.
For Men: there are two measurements that are required.
1.Body Weight in Pounds
2.Waist Circumference (taken at height of navel )
For women:there are five measurements that are required.
1.Body Weight in Pounds
2.Waist Circumference(taken at thinnest point)
3.Hip Circumference:taken at the widest point
4.Wrist Circumference:taken at the widest point
5.Forearm Circumference:taken at the widest point

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