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Calculate Pediatric Dosage  

Dosage Rules 

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 Adult Dose

adult dose measurements can be mg, mcg, mcg/kg/day, mg/day, dl, ml, etc.  

Pediatric Dosage

Because the body mass of infants and children is smaller and their metabolism different from that of adults, the dosage for them is usually less
than the adult dosage. For this reason, you need methods or rules to calculate pediatric dosages.

Calculate pediatric dosage

Most drugs in children are dosed according to body weight or body surface area (BSA).For many years, pediatric dosage calculations used pediatric formulas such as Fried’s rule, Young’s rule,  Clark’s rule and Nomogram Method.Various formulas have been devised to calculate pediatric dosage from a standard adult dose, and the most accurate being body surface area.

Dosing also varies by indication, therefore diagnostic information is helpful when calculating doses.
See also Pediatric Dosage Rule.
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