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General Pediatric Dosage Chart

Medications often have instructions for children listed under the uses listed on the label.The dosage will also be listed beside a specific age. This is a general dosage chart based on specific age.
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Pediatric Dosing CalculatorGeneral Pediatric Dosage ChartPediatric Dosage Rule
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General Pediatric Dosage  Chart
Age in years Dose
20 or older the alult dose
10 1/2 the average adult dose
5 1/4 the average adult dose
2 1/2 1/8 the average adult dose
1 1/12 the average adult dose
Pediatric Dosage

Children can require very different medication doses compared to adults. Because the body mass of infants and children is smaller and their
metabolism different from that of adults.

Pediatric doses based on formal experiments or the experience of the prescriber are better than those calculated according to a general rule or formula.Unfortunately, optimal pediatric doses have not been established for most drugs. Thus,where possible, doses for younger children, and especially for infants, should be learned as such and not based merely on a formula.

See also Pediatric Dosage Rule.

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