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Grain Yield Calculator

This is a calculator for pre-harvest yield prediction. The calculator is based on the premise that one can estimate grain yield from estimates of the yield components that constitute grain yield. These yield components are easily measured in the field.The prediction would benefit farmers as they plan the sale of their crops and biofuel industries as they plan their operations.
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Grain Yield Calculator
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Calculate Grain Yield

random sampling by a specific length of row

Row Spacing

The distance between two adjacent rows

measure off a length of row for simpling

random sampling by area

measure off a area for simpling
The average number of Kernels per Ear

Total ears at sampling site
Kernel weight
Weight of Kernels,such as 1000 Kernels.
per kernels
Total Area/Field Size
Total area to be harvested


Your estimated yield(Kgs per acre):4271.37
Your estimated yield(lbs per acre):9416.76
Your estimated yield(56-lb bushels per acre):168.16
Grain Yield Prediction
Estimating grain yield during the growing season is an appealing idea.Grain production depends on environmental conditions. The main
environmental factors influencing grain growth are weather,nitrogen (N) fertilization,plant population,tillage etc.Understanding these factors, can help farmer increase grain yields through crop management.
Of course, the best determination of yield potential for your farm will be by determining the yield components for your fields. The most common yield calculations include; kernels per ear, ears per acre, and kernels per bushel.Yield component method was developed by the Agricultural Engineering Department at the University of Illinois. Because this method can be used at a relatively early stage of kernel development, the Yield Component Method may be of greater assistance to farmers trying to make a decision about whether to harvest their corn for grain or silage.
Yield "calculators" that count kernel numbers roughly estimate yield and produce yield estimates that are within 20 bushels per acre of actual yield. Obviously, the more ears you sample within a field, the more accurately you will "capture" the variability of yield throughout the field.

Top Use:    Calculate Grain Yield-Simpling Area(square feet):43.3 Kernels:600 Ears:300 282gram per 1000Kernels Total Area(acre):

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