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Gold Coins Chart (International Gold Coins Searchable Collection)

 This is a searchable collection of  international gold coins. Information  includes  content, weight and diameter of gold coins. When you want to buy and price gold, The chart is  resource for your gold coin investing.
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Gold Coins Chart, Gold Coins Collecting
Description/Denomination Diameter(mm) Coin Weight(g) Gold Content(oz.tr.)Gold Content
Colombian Gold Coins
Colombia has resources of precious metals including platinum and gold. It is natural therefore that Colombia has a long history of issuing gold coins. Its earliest gold coins were escudos in various multiples because of its Spanish heritage, but from about 1821, its main denomination was the peso.
2,000 Pesos (1973)27.512.9.373311.61093.9COLOMBIA
1,500 Pesos (1973)
1,000 Pesos (1973)
Costa Rican Gold Coins
Costa Rica has had four major coinage schemes. From the formation of the republic, there were coins using the Real and Escudo system. One (1) Onza = 8 Escudos = 16 Pesos. One Peso = 8 Reales, therefore One Onza = 64 Reales.
1,500 Colones33.533.437.967630.09572.9COSTA RICA
Fijian Gold Coins
The first coins issued for Fiji were in 1934 when Fiji was under British administration, and naturally used the old British pre-decimal system. A new decimal currency was introduced starting in 1969, two years before Britain converted to decimal. Since 1995, a small number of commemorative gold coins have been issued.
200 Dollars, 1980 - 198628.415.98.471214.65596.9166FIJI
200 Dollars, 199127.510.29489.1693.9166FIJI
100 Dollars, 200931.1035131.10348.999FIJI
5 Dollars, 200213.921.555.051.55517.9999FIJI
5 Dollars, 200313.921.21.03891.20993.9999FIJI
French Gold Franc Coins
5 Francs, Normal14.51.629.04671.45253.9FRANCE
5 Francs, Modern28.8514.414112.87995.92FRANCE
French Gold 500 Franc 70 Ecus Coins
Various Gold Commemoratives, 1990 - 19953117.502815.63883.92FRANCE
Gabonese Gold Coins
As Gabon only became independent in 1960, this was the first occasion when it was able to issue gold coins in its own right. President Mba guaranteed he would be immortalised by issuing an gold independence proof coin set in 1960.The next issue of gold coins was in 1969 under the wonderfully named President Bongo.
5,000 Francs3317.5.508415.81301.9GABON
Gambian Gold Coins
Gambia shared the coinage of British West Africa with Sierra Leone, Nigeria, and Gold Coast (now Ghana) from 1907 until 1966, when it issued its own coins. Gambia's has only issued gold coins since 1995, and these are all commemoratives.
1,000 Dalasis2510.29479.16619.917GAMBIA
Republic of Guinea Coins
10,000 Francs44.5401.157536.00227.9GUINEA
5,000 Francs3120.578717.99958.9GUINEA
2,000 Francs228.23157.20045.9GUINEA
1,000 Francs174.11573.59867.9GUINEA
Republic of Guinea Goild Coins
10,000 Francs44.5401.157536.00227.9GUINEA
5,000 Francs3120.578717.99958.9GUINEA


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