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Gold Coins Chart (International Gold Coins Searchable Collection)

 This is a searchable collection of  international gold coins. Information  includes  content, weight and diameter of gold coins. When you want to buy and price gold, The chart is  resource for your gold coin investing.
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Gold Coins Chart, Gold Coins Collecting
Description/Denomination Diameter(mm) Coin Weight(g) Gold Content(oz.tr.)Gold Content
San Marino Gold Coins
Most Serene Republic of San Marino - Serenissima Repubblica di San Marino
20 Lire216.4516.18675.80702.9ITALY
Gold Coins of Sardinia
20 Lire21.26.4516.18675.80702.9ITALY
Gold Coins of Kingdom of Napoleon
20 Lire6.451.18665.80391.9166ITALY
Italian Gold Coins
20 Lire (1861 - 1923)21.26.4516.18675.80702.9ITALY
Jamaica Gold Coins
Apart from the early countermarked Spanish coins, no Jamaican gold coins were issued before decimalisation, the earliest being 1972. All Jamaican gold coins are commemoratives.
20 Dollars2715.7484.25317.87229.5JAMAICA
Latvian Gold Coins
Latvia first issued gold coins in 1993. Although their currency unit is the Lat (LVL), Krause states that 100 Santimu = 1 Lats, having added an "S". Also on the coins themselves, the denomination is shown on the 10, 20, and 100 units as "Latu", whereas on the 5 unit coin it is shown as "Lati". There appears to be some confusion about both the singular and plural forms of the name of the currency.
20 Latu257.776.14584.53489.583LATVIA
Liberian Gold Coins
10 Dollars (2005)
20 Dollars18.65.539716.78655.9LIBERIA
Liechtenstein Gold Coins
Any gold coins issued before 1921 conform to Austrian standards, and are denominated in Kroners (Coronas or Crowns). Those issued after 1921 follow Swiss denominations and standards.
20 Kronen(Crowns)216.775.1966.09628.9LIECHTENSTEIN
20 Franken (Francs)22.276.4516.18675.80702.9LIECHTENSTEIN
Luxembourg Gold Coins
20 Francs20.96.4516.18675.80702.9LUXEMBOURG
Malawian Gold Coins
Malawi only issued its own coins for the first time in 1975, and its gold coins are commemorative pieces.
20 Kwacha24.515.98.471214.65596.917MALAWI
Malaysia Gold Coins
200 Ringgit (1976)7.3.21126.56905.9MALAYSIA
200 Ringgit (1977)247.22.20896.49752.9MALAYSIA
Maltese Gold Coins
20 (1972)2612.353410.99197.917MALTA
20 (1973-)226.17675.49598.917MALTA
Gold Coins of Marshall Islands
20 Dollars163.11.13.11035.999MARSHALL ISLANDS
200 Dollars3031.103131.10348.999MARSHALL ISLANDS
Mauritian Gold Coins
Although there were British coins struck for Mauritius as early as 1822, these were undated, and had their legends (inscriptions) in French.
200 Rupees27.7815.56.458714.26716.917MAURITIUS
Mexican Gold Coins
20 Pesos2716.6666.482315.00121.9MEXICO


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