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HS Code and Harmonized Tariff Schedule of Canada
HS NoSS Description of Goods Unit of Meas.  MFN Tariff Applicable Preferential Tariffs
4911.99.0030Other printed matter, including printed pictures and photographs. - Other: - Other - Religious certificates, book marks, mottoes, scriptures or prayer cards-  
9704.00.0000Postage or revenue stamps, stamp-postmarks, first-day covers, postal stationery (stamped paper), and the like, used or unused, other than those of heading 49.07.Note: The General Tariff rate that applies to goods of this tariff item is the Most-Favoured-Nation Tariff rate.-FreeCCCT, LDCT
9817.00.0000Medals, trophies and other articles (not including usual merchantable products nor medals, trophies or prizes which are regularly presented by organizations or business companies to their members, employees or representatives), which have been bestowed or awarded by persons or organizations abroad as marks of honour or distinction, or which have been won abroad in competitions, or having been won abroad in competitions are donated by persons or organizations abroad for bestowal or award in Canada.-FreeCCCT, LDCT
9897.00.0000A live specimen of the mongoose family, including Galidia, Galidictis, Mungotictis, Salanoia, Suricata, Herpestes, Helogale, Donogale, Atilax, Mungos, Crossarchus, Liberiictics, Ichneumia, Bdeogale, Rhynchogale, Cynictis, Paracynictis and Cryptoprocta, unless the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness is satisfied, in accordance with the written advice of the Canadian Wildlife Service, that the specimen is imported for breeding, study or exhibition purposes, in confinement, by zoological institutions approved by the Canadian Wildlife Service;A live bird of the Starling family (Sturnidae), other than (a) the European Starling (Sturnus vulgaris) and the Chinese Talking or Hill Mynah (Gracula religiosa), or(b) Rothschilds or Bali Mynah (Leucopsar rothschildi) for propagation purposes;Any other non-game bird, other than(a) a domestic bird of a kind kept for food purposes,(b) a bird intended solely for exhibition in a public zoological park, or(c) a bird intended solely to be kept in confinement in a cage or to be used for purposes of public entertainment;Aigrettes, egret plumes or so-called osprey plumes and the feathers, quills, heads, wings, tails, skins, or parts of skins of wild birds, either raw or manufactured, other than(a) the feathers or plumes of ostriches, the plumage of the English pheasant, the Indian peacock, birds imported alive, or of wild birds of groups recognized as game birds in an Act of Parliament or of the legislature of a province relating to game under which an open season is provided, or(b) specimens imported, in accordance with regulations made by the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, for any museum or for scientific or educational purposes;Base or counterfeit coins;Used or second-hand mattresses or materials therefrom, other than(a) mattresses imported under tariff item No. 9805.00.00, 9806.00.00, 9807.00.00, 9808.00.00, 9809.00.00 or 9810.00.00, or(b) materials from used or second hand mattresses, when imported after having been cleaned and fumigated, in accordance with regulations made by the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, accompanied by such certificates as are designated by the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness;Reprints of Canadian copyrighted works and reprints of British copyrighted works that have been copyrighted in Canada;Goods manufactured or produced wholly or in part by prison labour;Smoke screen apparatus for use on motor vehicles or on vessels of Chapter 89;Used or second-hand motor vehicles of all kinds, manufactured prior to the calendar year in which importation into Canada is sought to be made, other than motor vehicles(a) imported under tariff item No. 9801.10.10, 9801.10.20, 9801.10.30, 9807.00.00, 9808.00.00, 9809.00.00 or 9810.00.00,(b) imported by a settler on the settler's first arrival but not entitled to be classified under tariff item No. 9807.00.00,(c) forfeited or confiscated for any offence under the Customs laws, or the laws of any province of Canada,(d) left by bequest,(e) imported from the United States,(f) entitled to the benefit of the United States Tariff, the Mexico Tariff or the Mexico-United States Tariff and imported from Mexico(i) in the 2009 or 2010 calendar year, if the motor vehicles are not less than ten years old,(ii) in the 2011 or 2012 calendar year, if the motor vehicles are not less than eight years old,(iii) in the 2013 or 2014 calendar year, if the motor vehicles are not less than six years old,(iv) in the 2015 or 2016 calendar year, if the motor vehicles are not less than four years old,(v) in the 2017 or 2018 calendar year, if the motor vehicles are not less than two years old, or(vi) on or after January 1, 2019;Used or second-hand aircraft of all kinds, other than aircraft(a) classified under tariff item No. 9803.00.00, 9809.00.00 or 9810.00.00, civil aircraft of heading 88.01 or 88.02, or aircraft engaged solely in international traffic,(b) forfeited or confiscated for any offence under any Act of Parliament relating to customs, the Air Regulations or an Act of the legislature of any province,(c) imported by the Department of National Defence for military purposes, or (d) imported from the United States;White phosphorus matches; Any goods, in association with which there is used any description that is false in a material respect as to the geographical origin of the goods or the importation of which is prohibited by an order made under the Trade-marks Act.-N/A 

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