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Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the Japan  
In Japan, The 9-digit statistical code consists of 6-digit HS code and 3-digit domestic code, are used for commodity classification in Customs declarations.
Enter either the first part of an HTS category number up to 6 digits or any part of a product description.    

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Harmonized Tariff Schedule
Statistical code Description
H.S. code Domestic code
2903.77 130 - Tetrachlorotetrafluoropropanes (CFC-214)
4101.20 211 - For the quantity within the limits of an annual tariff quota, on the basis of 214,000?, stipulated by a Cabinet Order, on hides and skins of bovine (including buffalo) or equine animals which have undergone a tanning process (including pre-tanning) which is reversible of 4101.20-2, 4101.50-2, and 4101.90-2, tanned or crusted hides and skins of bovine (including buffalo) or equine animals of 4101.11-2, 4104.19-2, 4101.41-1-(2), 4101.41-2-(2), 4104.49-1-(2) and 4104.49-2-(2) and leather of bovine (including buffalo) or equine animals of 4107.11-2-(2), 4107.12-2-(2), 4107.19-2-(2), 4107.91-2-(2), 4107.92-2-(2) and 4107.99-2-(2) (hereinafter in this heading and headings 41.04 and 41.07 referred to as "the Pooled Quota (First Category)")

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