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Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the Japan  
In Japan, The 9-digit statistical code consists of 6-digit HS code and 3-digit domestic code, are used for commodity classification in Customs declarations.
Enter either the first part of an HTS category number up to 6 digits or any part of a product description.    

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Harmonized Tariff Schedule
Statistical code Description
H.S. code Domestic code
85.17 Telephone sets, including telephones for cellular networks or for other wireless networks; other apparatus for the transmission or reception of voice, images or other data, including apparatus for communication in a wired or wireless network (such as a local or wide area network), other than transmission or reception apparatus of heading 84.43, 85.25, 85.27 or 85.28
8528.42 000 Capable of directly connecting to and designed for use with an automatic data processing machine of heading 84.71
8528.52 000 Capable of directly connecting to and designed for use with an automatic data processing machine of heading 84.71
8528.62 000 Capable of directly connecting to and designed for use with an automatic data processing machine of heading 84.71
8540.40 000 Data/graphic display tubes, monochrome; data/graphic display tubes, colour, with a phosphor dot screen pitch smaller than 0.4 mm
85.47 Insulating fittings for electrical machines, appliances or equipment, being fittings wholly of insulating material apart from any minor components of metal (for example, threaded sockets) incorporated during moulding solely for purposes of assembly, other than insulators of heading 85.46; electrical conduit tubing and joints therefor, of base metal lined with insulating material
86.03 Self-propelled railway or tramway coaches, vans and trucks, other than those of heading 86.04
8605.00 000 Railway or tramway passenger coaches, not self-propelled; luggage vans, post office coaches and other special purpose railway or tramway coaches, not self-propelled (excluding those of heading 86.04)
8712.00 -- Of a nominal wheel diameter not exceeding 24 (60.96cm)
8712.00 218 ---- Of a nominal wheel diameter of 12 (30.48cm) or more but not exceeding 16 (40.64cm)
8712.00 -- Of a nominal wheel diameter of 24 (60.96cm) or more
90.01 Optical fibres and optical fibre bundles; optical fibre cables other than those of heading 85.44; sheets and plates of polarising material; lenses (including contact lenses), prisms, mirrors and other optical elements, of any material, unmounted, other than such elements of glass not optically worked
90.26 Instruments and apparatus for measuring or checking the flow, level, pressure or other variables of liquids or gases (for example, flow meters, level gauges, manometers, heat meters), excluding instruments and apparatus of heading 90.14, 90.15, 90.28 or 90.32
90.29 Revolution counters, production counters, taximeters, mileometers, pedometers and the like; speed indicators and tachometers, other than those of heading 90.14 or 90.15; stroboscopes
91.03 Clocks with watch movements, excluding clocks of heading 91.04
9302.00 000 Revolvers and pistols, other than those of heading 93.03 or 93.04
93.05 Parts and accessories of articles of headings 93.01 to 93.04
94.01 Seats (other than those of heading 94.02), whether or not convertible into beds, and parts thereof
9504.50 000 Video game consoles and machines, other than those of subheading 9504.30
9603.90 090 4 Other
9615.90 050 4 Of other base metal, excluding those plated with precious metal
97.01 Paintings, drawings and pastels, executed entirely by hand, other than drawings of heading 49.06 and other than hand-painted or hand-decorated manufactured articles; collages and similar decorative plaques
9704.00 000 Postage or revenue stamps, stamp-postmarks, first-day covers, postal stationery (stamped paper), and the like, used or unused, other than those of heading 49.07

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