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Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the Japan  
In Japan, The 9-digit statistical code consists of 6-digit HS code and 3-digit domestic code, are used for commodity classification in Customs declarations.
Enter either the first part of an HTS category number up to 6 digits or any part of a product description.    

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Harmonized Tariff Schedule
Statistical code Description
H.S. code Domestic code
8308.20 000 Tubular or bifurcated rivets
84.07 Spark-ignition reciprocating or rotary internal combustion piston engines.
8407.29 Reciprocating piston engines of a kind used for the propulsion of vehicles of Chapter 87 :
8413.30 Fuel, lubricating or cooling medium pumps for internal combustion piston engines
8413.50 Other reciprocating positive displacement pumps
8414.30 010 - Of a weight not exceeding 1,000kg, other than reciprocating type
8414.80 011 -- Of reciprocating type
84.72 Other office machines (for example, hectograph or stencil duplicating machines, addressing machines, automatic banknote dispensers, coin-sorting machines, coin-counting or wrapping machines, pencil-sharpening machines, perforating or stapling machines)
8472.10 000 Duplicating machines
85.17 Telephone sets, including telephones for cellular networks or for other wireless networks; other apparatus for the transmission or reception of voice, images or other data, including apparatus for communication in a wired or wireless network (such as a local or wide area network), other than transmission or reception apparatus of heading 84.43, 85.25, 85.27 or 85.28
8517.18 Other apparatus for transmission or reception of voice, images or other data, including apparatus for communication in a wired or wireless network (such as a local or wide area network)
85.28 Cathode-ray tube monitors
85.31 Electric sound or visual signalling apparatus (for example, bells, sirens, indicator panels, burglar or fire alarms), other than those of heading 85.12 or 85.30
8531.20 000 Indicator panels incorporating liquid crystal devices (LCD) or light-emitting diodes (LED)
8539.31 000 Fluorescent, hot cathode
85.40 Thermionic, cold cathode or photo-cathode valves and tubes (for example, vacuum or vapour or gas filled valves and tubes, mercury arc rectifying valves and tubes, cathode-ray tubes, television camera tubes)
85.40 Cathode-ray television picture tubes, including video monitor cathode-ray tubes
8540.20 000 Television camera tubes; image converters and intensifiers; other photo-cathode tubes
8540.60 000 Other cathode-ray tubes
8540.91 000 Of cathode-ray tubes
8544.42 010 - Of a kind used for telecommunication
8544.49 010 - Of a kind used for telecommunication, for a voltage not exceeding 80V
8702.30 000 With both spark-ignition internal combustion reciprocating piston engine and electric motor as motors for propulsion

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