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Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the Japan  
In Japan, The 9-digit statistical code consists of 6-digit HS code and 3-digit domestic code, are used for commodity classification in Customs declarations.
Enter either the first part of an HTS category number up to 6 digits or any part of a product description.    

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Harmonized Tariff Schedule
Statistical code Description
H.S. code Domestic code
8425.41 000 Built-in jacking systems of a type used in garages
8428.32 000 Other, bucket type
8428.33 000 Other, belt type
84.37 Machines for cleaning, sorting or grading seed, grain or dried leguminous vegetables; machinery used in the milling industry or for the working of cereals or dried leguminous vegetables, other than farm-type machinery.
8443.12 000 Offset printing machinery, sheet-fed, office type (using sheets with one side not exceeding 22 cm and the other side not exceeding 36 cm in the unfolded state)
8446.10 For weaving fabrics of a width exceeding 30cm, shuttle type
8446.30 000 For weaving fabrics of a width exceeding 30cm, shuttleless type
84.50 Household or laundry-type washing machines, including machines which both wash and dry
8452.10 000 Sewing machines of the household type
8452.21 010 - Straight line stitching sewing machines of single needle type
8452.29 010 - Straight line stitching sewing machines of single needle type
8452.90 010 -- Of machines of the household type
84.59 Machine-tools (including way-type unit head machines) for drilling, boring, milling, threading or tapping by removing metal, other than lathes (including turning centres) of heading 84.58
8459.10 000 Way-type unit head machines
8459.49 Milling machines, knee-type
8465.10 000 Machines which can carry out different types of machining operations without tool change between such operations
84.66 Parts and accessories suitable for use solely or principally with the machines of headings 84.56 to 84.65, including work or tool holders, self-opening dieheads, dividing heads and other special attachments for the machines; tool holders for any type of tool for working in the hand
8467.11 000 Rotary type (including combined rotary-percussion)
8471.50 000 Processing units other than those of subheading 8471.41 or 8471.49, whether or not containing in the same housing one or two of the following types of unit: storage units, input units, output units
8480.41 000 Injection or compression types
8480.71 000 Injection or compression types
8508.11 010 - Of a built-in dry battery type
8521.10 000 Magnetic tape-type

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