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Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States  
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Harmonized Tariff Schedule
HTS NoStat Suffix Description Unit of Quantity Rates of Duty
1 2
General Special
8419Machinery, plant or laboratory equipment, whether or not electrically heated (excluding furnaces, ovens and other equipment of heading 8514), for the treatment of materials by a process involving a change of temperature such as heating, cooking, roasting, distilling, rectifying, sterilizing, pasteurizing, steaming, drying, evaporating, vaporizing, condensing or cooling, other than machinery or plant of a kind used for domestic purposes; instantaneous or storage water heaters, nonelectric; parts thereof:
8419.11.0000Instantaneous or storage water heaters, nonelectric:
8419.11.0000Instantaneous gas water heatersNo.Free45%
8419.19.0020Instantaneous water heatersNo.
8419.19.0040Solar water heatersNo.
8419.20.0000Medical, surgical or laboratory sterilizersNo.Free35%
8419.31.0000For agricultural productsNo.Free35%
8419.32For wood, paper pulp, paper or paperboard:
8419.32.1000For woodNo.Free35%
8419.39.0140For food and beveragesNo.
8419.40.00Distilling or rectifying plantFree35%
8419.40.0040For food and beveragesNo.
8419.50Heat exchange units:
8419.50.1000Brazed aluminum plate-fin heat exchangersNo.4.2%Free (A,AU,BH,C, CA,CL,E,IL,J,JO, MA,MX,P,SG)35%
8419.60Machinery for liquefying air or other gases:
8419.60.1000Machinery containing brazed aluminum plate-fin heat exchangersNo.4.2%Free (A,AU,BH,CA, CL,E,IL,J,JO, MA,MX,P,SG)35%

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