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Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States  
Enter either the first part of an HTS category number up to 8 digits or any part of a product description.    

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Harmonized Tariff Schedule
HTS NoStat Suffix Description Unit of Quantity Rates of Duty
1 2
General Special
1905.90.9030Corn chips and similar crisp savory snack foodskg
2005.20.0020Potato chipskg
4401Fuel wood, in logs, in billets, in twigs, in faggots or in similar forms; wood in chips or particles; sawdust and wood waste and scrap, whether or not agglomerated in logs, briquettes, pellets or similar forms:
4401.21.0000Wood in chips or particles:
6602.00.0000Walking-sticks, seat-sticks, whips, riding-crops and the likeNo.4%Free (A,AU,BH,CA, CL,E,IL,J,JO,MA, MX,P,SG)40%
6808.00.0000Panels, boards, tiles, blocks and similar articles of vegetable fiber, of straw or of shavings, chips, particles, sawdust or other waste, of wood, agglomerated with cement, plaster or other mineral bindersm2 kgFree20%
7204.41.00Turnings, shavings, chips, milling waste, sawdust, filings, trimmings and stampings, whether or not in bundlesFree74¢/t
8426Ships' derricks; cranes, including cable cranes; mobile lifting frames, straddle carriers and works trucks fitted with a crane:
8487.10.00Ships' or boats' propellers and blades thereforFree30%
8533.21.0030Flat resistor chipsNo.
8541.10.0040Unmounted chips, dice and wafersNo.
8541.21.0040Unmounted chips, dice and wafersNo.
8541.29.0040Unmounted chips, dice and wafersNo.
8541.30.0040Unmounted chips, dice and wafersNo.
8541.40.6010Unmounted chips, dice and wafersNo.
8541.40.7040Unmounted chips, dice and wafersNo.
8541.50.0040Unmounted chips, dice and wafersNo.
8544.30.0000Ignition wiring sets and other wiring sets of a kind used in vehicles, aircraft or shipsX5%Free (A*,AU,B,BH, C,CA,CL,E, IL,J, JO,MA,MX,P, SG)30%
8901Cruise ships, excursion boats, ferry boats, cargo ships, barges and similar vessels for the transport of persons or goods:
8901.10.0000Cruise ships, excursion boats and similar vessels principally designed for the transport of persons; ferry boats of all kindsNo.FreeFree
8902.00.0000Fishing vessels; factory ships and other vessels for processing or preserving fishery productsNo.FreeFree
8906Other vessels, including warships and lifeboats other than row boats:

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