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Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States  
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Harmonized Tariff Schedule
HTS NoStat Suffix Description Unit of Quantity Rates of Duty
1 2
General Special
4421.90.8027Valued over 80¢/but not over $1.35/grossGross
4421.90.8030Valued over $1.35 but not over $1.70/grossGross
4421.90.8033Valued over $1.70/grossGross
4421.90.8800Canoe paddlesNo.Free35%
4421.90.9300Theatrical, ballet, and operatic scenery and properties, including setskgFree33 1/3%
4421.90.9720Pencil slatsGross
4421.90.9730Burial CasketsNo.
4501Natural cork, raw or simply prepared; waste cork; crushed, granulated or ground cork:
4501.10.0000Natural cork, raw or simply preparedkgFreeFree
4501.90.2000Waste corkkgFreeFree
4501.90.4000Crushed, granulated or ground corkkgFree6.6¢/kg
4502.00.0000Natural cork, debacked or roughly squared, or in rectangular (including square) blocks, plates, sheets or strip (including sharp-edged blanks for corks or stoppers)kgFree22¢/kg
4503Articles of natural cork:
4503.10Corks and stoppers:
4503.10.2000Tapered and of a thickness (or length) greater than the maximum diameter:
4503.10.3000Wholly of cork, of a thickness (or length) greater than the maximum diameterkgFree55¢/kg
4503.90.2000Disks, wafers and washerskgFree55¢/kg
4503.90.4000Wallcoverings, backed with paper or otherwise reinforcedkgFree3.3¢/kg + 20%
4504Agglomerated cork (with or without a binding substance) and articles of agglomerated cork:
4504.10Blocks, plates, sheets and strip; tiles of any shape; solid cylinders, including disks:
4504.10.1000Vulcanized sheets and slabs wholly of ground or pulverized cork and rubberkgFree25%
4504.10.2000Insulation, coated or not coated, of compressed corkm3 kgFreeFree
4504.10.3000Floor coveringskgFree22¢/kg
4504.10.4000Wallcoverings, backed with paper or otherwise reinforcedkgFree3.3¢/kg + 20%
4504.10.4500Corks, stoppers, disks, wafers and washers:

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