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Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States  
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Harmonized Tariff Schedule
HTS NoStat Suffix Description Unit of Quantity Rates of Duty
1 2
General Special
9603.10.4000Other brooms, wholly or in part of broom corn:
9603.10.4000In any calendar year prior to the entry, or withdrawal from warehouse for consump- tion, of 121,478 dozen brooms classifiable under subheadings 9603.10.40 to 9603.10.60, inclusiveNo.8%Free (A+,AU,BH, CA,CL,D,E,IL,J, JO,MA,MX, P,SG)20%
9603.30Artists' brushes, writing brushes and similar brushes for the application of cosmetics:
9603.90.8030Push brooms, 41 cm or less in widthNo.
9605.00.0000Travel sets for personal toilet, sewing or shoe or clothes cleaning (other than manicure and pedicure sets of heading 8214)X8.1%Free ( A,AU,BH, CA,CL,E,IL,J,JO, MA,MX,P, SG)45%
9606.21Of plastics, not covered with textile material:
9606.22.0000Of base metal, not covered with textile materialgrossFree45%
9606.29.2000Of acrylic resin, of polyester resin or of both such resins, covered with textile materialgross gr.lines0.3¢/line/ gross + 4.5%Free ( A,AU,BH, CA,CL,E,IL,J,JO, MA,MX, P,SG)1.5¢/line/ gross + 25%
9607.11.0000Fitted with chain scoops of base metalNo.10%Free (A,AU,B,BH, CA,CL,E,IL,J,JO, MA,MX,P) 3.7% (SG)66%
9607.19.0020Fitted with chain scoops of plasticNo.
9607.19.0040Fitted with continuous plastic filamentNo.
9607.20.0040Sliders, with or without pullsthousand
9608.31.0000India ink drawing pensNo.0.4¢/each + 2.7%Free (A+,AU,BH, CA,CL,D,E,IL,J, JO,MA,MX, P,SG)6¢/each + 40%
9608.40.4000With a mechanical action for extending, or for extending and retracting, the leadgross6.6%Free ( A,AU,BH, CA,CL,E,IL,J,JO, MA,MX, P,SG)41.5%
9608.50.0000Sets of articles from two or more of the subheadings 9608.10, 9608.20, 9608.31, 9608.39 or 9608.40No.The rate appli- cable to each article in the absence of this subhead ingFree (A+,AU,BH, CA,CL,D,E,IL,J, JO,MA,MX, P,SG)The rate applicable, to each article in the ab- sence of this sub- heading
9609Pencils (other than those pencils of heading 9608), cray- ons, pencil leads, pastels, drawing charcoals, writing or drawing chalks and tailors' chalks:
9609.10.0000Pencils and crayons, with leads encased in a rigid sheathgross14¢/gross + 4.3%Free ( A,AU,BH, CA,CL,E,IL,J,JO, MA,MX,P) 5.2¢/gross + 1.6% (SG)50¢/gross + 30%
9610.00.0000Slates and boards, with writing or drawing surfaces, whether or not framedX3.5%Free ( A,AU,BH, CA,CL,E,IL,J,JO, MA,MX, P,SG)33 1/3%
9612Typewriter or similar ribbons, inked or otherwise prepared for giving impressions, whether or not on spools or in cart- ridges; ink pads, whether or not inked, with or without boxes:
9612.10.10Measuring less than 30 mm in width, permanently put up in plastic or metal cartridges (whether or not containing spools) of a kind used in typewriters, automatic data processing or other machinesFree78.5%
9612.10.1010Woven, of man-made fibersdoz. kg
9612.10.9010Woven, of man-made fibers (621)doz. kg
9613Cigarette lighters and other lighters, whether or not mech- anical or electrical, and parts thereof other than flints and wicks:
9614.00Smoking pipes (including pipe bowls) and cigar or cigarette holders, and parts thereof:

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