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Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States  
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Harmonized Tariff Schedule
HTS NoStat Suffix Description Unit of Quantity Rates of Duty
1 2
General Special
0502Pigs', hogs' or boars' bristles and hair; badger hair and other brushmaking hair; waste of such bristles or hair:
1404.90.1000Vegetable hair Vegetable materials of a kind used primarily in brooms or in brushes (for example, broomcorn piassava, couch grass and istle), whether or not in hanks or bundles:kg0.5¢/kgFree (A+,AU,BH, CA,CL,D,E,IL,J, JO,MA,MX, P,SG)2.2¢/kg
3801.10.1000Plates, rods, powder and other forms, wholly or partly manufactured, for manufacturing into brushes for electric generators, motors or other machines or applianceskg3.7%Free (A,AU,BH, CA,CL,E,IL,J,JO, MA,MX,P,SG)45%
4417.00Tools, tool bodies, tool handles, broom or brush bodies and handles, of wood; boot or shoe lasts and trees, of wood:
4417.00.4000Paint brush and paint roller handlesXFree33 1/3%
4417.00.6000Brush backsNo.Free33 1/3%
6116.92.6420Jersey type, brushed or napped fabric (331)doz.pr. kg
6116.92.6430Lisle type, no pile, not brushed or napped (331)doz.pr. kg
6116.92.7450Jersey type, brushed or napped fabric (331)doz.pr. kg
6116.92.7460Lisle type, no pile, not brushed or napped (331)doz.pr. kg
8467.89.5030Gasoline powered grass and weed trimmers and brushcuttersNo.
8467.99.0130Of gasoline powered grass and weed trimmers and brushcuttersX
8509.80.5045Electric toothbrushesNo.
8545Carbon electrodes, carbon brushes, lamp carbons, battery carbons and other articles of graphite or other carbon, with or without metal, of a kind used for electrical purposes:
9603Brooms, brushes (including brushes constituting parts of machines, appliances or vehicles), hand-operated mechan- ical floor sweepers, not motorized, mops and feather dusters; prepared knots and tuftsfor broom or brush making; paint pads and rollers; squeegees (other than roller squeegees):
9603.10Brooms and brushes, consisting of twigs or other vege- table materials bound together, with or without handles:
9603.21.0000Toothbrushes, shaving brushes, hair brushes, nail brushes, eyelash brushes and other toilet brushes for use on the person, including such brushes constituting parts of appliances:
9603.21.0000Toothbrushes, including dental-plate brushesNo.Free2¢/each + 50%
9603.30Artists' brushes, writing brushes and similar brushes for the application of cosmetics:
9603.40Paint, distemper, varnish or similar brushes (other than brushes of subheading 9603.30); paint pads and rollers:

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