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Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States  
Enter either the first part of an HTS category number up to 8 digits or any part of a product description.    

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Harmonized Tariff Schedule
HTS NoStat Suffix Description Unit of Quantity Rates of Duty
1 2
General Special
1207.20.00Cotton seeds0.47¢/kgFree (A+,AU,BH, CA,CL,D,E,IL,J, JO,MA,MX,P,SG)0.73¢/kg
1404.20.0000Cotton linterskgFreeFree
1512Sunflower-seed, safflower or cottonseed oil, and fractions thereof, whether or not refined, but not chemically modified:
1512.21.0000Cottonseed oil and its fractions:
1517.90.9085Cottonseed oil, wholly hydrogenatedkg
2306.10.0000Of cotton seedskg0.56¢/kgFree (A+,AU,BH, CA,D,E,IL,J,JO, MX,P,SG,CL) 0.2¢/kg (MA)0.7¢/kg
3921.90.2100Products with textile components in which cotton predominates by weight over any other single textile fiberm2 kg6.5%Free (A+,AU,BH, CA,CL,D,E*,IL,J*, JO,MA,MX, P,SG)40%
4202.12.4000Of cotton (369)No.6.3%Free (AU,BH,CA, CL,IL,MX,P,SG) 4.2% (MA) 4.9% (E)40%
4202.12.8020Of cotton (369)No. kg
4202.12.8060Of cotton (369)No. kg
4202.22.4020Of cotton (369)No. kg
4202.22.4500Of cotton (369)No.6.3%Free (AU,BH,CA, CL,IL,JO,MX,P, SG) 4.2% (MA) 4.9% (E)40%
4202.22.8030Of cotton (369)No. kg
4202.32.4000Of cotton (369)No. kg6.3%Free (AU,BH,CA, CL,IL,JO, MX,P,SG) 4.2% (MA) 4.9% (E)40%
4202.32.9530Of cotton (369)No. kg
4202.92.0805Of cotton (369)No. kg
4202.92.1500Of cotton (369)No. kg6.3%Free (AU,BH,CA, CL,IL,JO,MX, P,SG) 4.2% (MA) 4.9% (E)40%
4202.92.3016Of cotton (369)No. kg
4202.92.60Of cotton6.3%Free (AU,BH,CA, CL,IL,JO,MX,P, SG) 4.2% (MA) 4.9% (E)40%
4403.99.0022Of poplar, aspen or cottonwoodm3
4403.99.0026Of poplar, aspen or cottonwoodm3
4403.99.0067Of other poplar; of aspen or cottonwoodm3
4407.99.0179Other poplar; aspen; cottonwoodm3
4706.10.0000Cotton linters pulpt adwFreeFree
4802.20.4020Containing by weight 25 percent or more cotton fiberkg

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