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Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States  
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Harmonized Tariff Schedule
HTS NoStat Suffix Description Unit of Quantity Rates of Duty
1 2
General Special
9026.10.4000Flow metersNo.Free$4.50 each + 65%
9026.90.4000Of flow meters, heat meters incorporating liquid supply meters and anemometersXFree65%
9032.89.6060Flow and liquid level control instrumentsNo.
9208Music boxes, fairground organs, mechanical street organs, mechanical singing birds, musical saws and other musical instruments not falling within any other heading of this chapter; decoy calls of all kinds; whistles, call horns and other mouth-blown sound signaling instruments:
9404Mattress supports; articles of bedding and similar furnishing (for example, mattresses, quilts, eiderdowns, cushions, pouffes and pillows) fitted withsprings or stuffed or internal- ly fitted with any material or of cellular rubber or plastics, whether or not covered:
9404.90.1000Pillows, cushions and similar furnishings:
9506.69.4000Noninflatable hollow balls not over 19 cm in diameterNo.5.4%Free (A,AU,BH,CA, CL,E,IL,J,JO, MA,MX, P,SG)70%
9801.00.40Articles, when returned after having been exported for use temporarily abroad solely for any of the following purposes, if imported by or for the account of the person who exported them:
9806.00.05Baggage and effects of the following persons who are aliens:
9806.00.40Articles entered for the personal or family use of the following persons who are aliens on duty in the United States:
9817.60.0000Any of the following articles not intended for sale or distribution to the public: personal effects of aliens who are participants in, officials of, or accredited members of delegations to, an international athletic event held in the United States, such as the Olympics and Paralympics, the Goodwill Games, the Special Olympics World Games, the World Cup Soccer Games, or any similar international athletic event as the Secretary of the Treasury may determine, and of persons who are immediate family members of or servants to any of the foregoing persons; equipment and materials imported in connection with any such foregoing event by or on behalf of the foregoing persons or the organizing committee of such an event, articles to be used in exhibitions depicting the culture of a country participating in such an event; and, if consistent with the foregoing, such other articles as the Secretary of the Treasury may allowXFreeFree
9817.61.01Articles of ski racing apparel which, because of their padding, construction, or other special features, are specially designed to protect against injuries from the sport of ski racing, such as blows caused by slalom gates or falls (provided for in subheading 6101.30.20, 6105.20.20, 6110.11, 6110.12.20, 6110.19, 6110.20.20, 6110.30.30, 6112.20.10, 6114.30.30, 6203.43.15 or 6203.43.35)5.5%Free (AU,JO, MX,P) The rate applicable in the absence of this heading (A,BH,CA,CL,E,IL, J,MA,SG)The rate applicable in the absence of this heading
9817.64.01Footwear, other than goods of heading 9021, of a kind for supporting or holding the foot following an illness, operation or injury, provided that such footwear is (1) made to measure and (2) presented singly and not in pairs and designed to fit either foot equallyFreeThe rate applicable in the absence of this heading
9817.95.01Articles classifiable in subheadings 3924.10, 3926.90, 6307.90, 6911.10, 6912.00, 7013.22, 7013.28, 7013.41, 7013.49, 9405.20, 9405.40 or 9405.50, the foregoing meeting the descriptions set forth below:
9821.11.01Apparel articles sewn or otherwise assembled in one or more such countries, or the United States, or both, exclusively from any of the following:

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