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Alcohol Unit Converter, Drinks Converter, Alcohol Measurement Conversions

You can use this page to convert between many different units of measurement of  volume in drinks. Simply enter the value you wish to convert from into the box with this alcohol unit converter, you can easily do many kinds of conversions of millilitres to fluid ounces, fluid ounces to glasses, bottles to glasses,  singles to pints etc.
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The converter can can be used to convert between the following list of measurement units of cooking

Litre,Millilitre, Gallon(Imperial), Pint(Imperial), Gi(Imperial), Can(440 ml drinks), Standard glass(175ml wine), bottle(750ml wine), single measure(pub measure of spirits,25ml), Fluid Ounce(Imperial), Guarter(Imperial), Magnum ,  Pint(US Liquid), Gallon(US Liquid;Wine), Guarts(US Liquid),  Gi(US Liquid), Fluid Ounce(US Liquid), Bottle(700ml), Half litre, Bottle(275ml), Large can or bottle(500ml), Bottle(330ml), Mini wine bottle(187ml), Small glass(125ml wine), Large glass(250ml), Bottle(200ml), Double measure(pub measure of spirits,50ml), Large single(pub measure of spirits,35ml).
Top Use:    Drinks measurements conversion-small glass(125ml wine) to pint(Imperial)

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