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Calculate Seeds per Foot of Row

How many seeds per foot should I plant? This calculator is designed to help you estimate the number of seed per foot of row. Establishing a good plant stand in the field is important to ensure good crop yields. The calculator works for soybeans, corn,peanuts and other small-grain tree seeds.
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Calculate Seeds per Foot of Row

Seeding Rate
Seeds per unit you intend to plant
Seed weight per unit you intend to plant
Seed weight per unit
Seed weight(lbs) per acre(hectare)
Seed Size
Seeds per unit weight
Row Spacing
The distance between two adjacent rows

seeds per unit(length)



Seeds per Foot of Row
Proper calibration of seeding equipment requires that the operator be able to calculate the number of seeds that will be planted per foot of row using the desired plants per acre. It is therefore necessary to know the spacing between plants within the row and also the number of plants to be maintained in a given length of row.

Seed prices have increased over the last 10 years and in order to remain competitive seeding population should not be ignored. An optimal plant population  is one that maximizes both yield and profitability.Good management practices are important in reducing risk and reaching your goals.

 Increased seeding rate will influence yield to a point; however, yield will eventually reach a maximum at which addition of more seed will do nothing to increase yield.

Top Use:    Calculate Seeds per foot of row - Seeding Rate:180000/acre Row Spacing(inch):15

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