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Oil Converter
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The converter can can be used to convert between the following list of measurement units of oil(petroleum)

Length  Metre, Kilometre, Centimetre, Millimetre, Yard, Foot, Inch, Mile, Rod(Pole; Perch)and Mile marin.



Area/Surface  Square Metre, Square Centimetre, Square Yard, Square Inch,  Square Feet, Square Kilometre, Acre, Square Mile, Hectare and Square Rod.



Volume  Cubic Metre, Cubic Yard, Cubic Feet(Timber Foot), Cubic Inch, Cubic Centimetre(Medicine cc), Hectoliter, Dekaliter,  Arce-foot, Litre, Millilitre, centilitre, Gallon(Imperial),  Pint(US Liquid), Gallon(US Liquid;Wine), Quarts(US Liquid), Barrel (Petroleum), Gi(US Liquid), drum(55-gallon) and kilderkin.


Velocity/speed  Metre Per Second, Kilometre Per Hour, Foot Per Hour, Inch Per Second, Mile Per Second, Inch Per Minute, Foot Per Second, Foot Per Minute, Mile Per Hour and Mile Per Minute.


 Weight/Mass  Kilogram, Gram, Metric Ton, Pound(Avoirdupois), Ounce(Avoirdupois), Long Ton, Short Ton, Stone, Hundredweight(Imperial), Quarter and Hundredweight(US).



Temperature  Degrees Celsius, Degrees Fahrenheit, Kelvin Equals.



Force  Newton, Dyne(cgs unit), Kilogram-force(Kilopond; Grave-force) and Pound-force.




Pressure  Pascal(Newton Per Square Meter), Atmosphere, Millimeter of Mercury (Torr), Bar, Kilopascal(Meganewton Per Square Meter),  Pounds Per Square Inch,  Kilogram Per Square Centimeter, Kilogram Per Square Meter, Pound Per Square Foot, Thousand Pounds Per Square Inch, Inch of Mercury, Newton Per Square Centimeter, Technical Atmosphere, Meter of Water, Centimetre of Water, Millimeter of Water and Inch of Water.

Energy  Horsepower-hour(Imperial), Joule, Kilojoule, Horsepower-hour(metric), British thermal unit, Foot-pound force, Calorie kilocalorie; Large calorie, Thermie, Kilowatt-hour; Board of Trade Unit, Kilogram-meter, Inch-pound force, Foot-poundal,  Barrel of oil equivalent,  Ton of coal equivalent and Ton of oil equivalen.


Power  Horsepower(Imperial), Watts(J/s or N?m/s),  Horsepower(metric), Ft.-Lb./Sec., Ft.-Lb./Min., BTU/Hr, Kcal/s, Kgfm/s and Kilovolt Ampere.



Density kilogram per cubic meter,  pound per cubic foot,  pound per Imperial gallon,  pound per US gallon,  pound per cubic inch,  gram per cubic centimeter,  gram per milliliter,  gram per cubic millimeter,  pound per cubic yard,  kilogram per litre,  ounce per Imperial gallon,  ounce per US gallon,  ounce per cubic foot,  ounce per cubic inch, ounce per cubic yard, short ton per cubic yard,  long ton per cubic yard and pound per barrel.


Dynamic viscosity Pascal-Seconds,Poiseuille,  poise, centipoise,  pound-force second per square foot, kilogram-force second per square metre,  pound-force second per square inch and pound-force hour per square foot.


Kinematic viscosity square centimeter per second,  stokes,  square meter per second,  exastokes,  square foot per second,  square inch per second and square foot per hour.



Others measurements conversion

1square centimetre=9.81107Darcy

Geothermal gradient
 1F/100 ft=1.8℃/100m

Thermal conductivity

Specific heat

Heat transfer coefficient

Production rates conversion
1barrel=0.14 tons
1ton=7.3 Barrels
(based on average density of the world's crude oil)

1 trillion cubic feet per day=0.028317 trillion cubic metre per day=10.336 trillion cubic metre per day
1 billion cubic feet per day=0.2832 hundred million cubic metre per day=103.36 hundred million cubic metre per year
1 hundred million cubic feet per day=2.832X104 cubic metre per day=1033.55X104 cubic metre per year
1000 cubic feet per day=28.32 cubic metre per day=1.0336X104 cubic metre per year
1 ton per day=50 tons per year (based on average density of the world's crude oil)


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