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Textile Converter
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The converter can be used to convert between the following list of measurement units of textile/Fabric in wool, cotton, silk, chemical fiber and linen.

Yarn Counts  Denier, Tex, Decitex(dtex), Nm(N), Ne(S), Micronaire value, Linen(wet or dry spun), Worsted Spun, Woolen spun(Philadelphia system), Woolen spun(West of England), Woolen spun(Yorkshire), Woolen spun(Galashiels cut), Woolen spun(Hawick), Woolen spun(American Run), Asbestos(English), Asbestos(American), Typp, Woolen spun(American Cut), Glass (UK & USA), Cotton bump yarn, Woollen spun(Irish), Woollen spun(Alloa) and Woollen spun(Dewsbury).
The yarn count number indicates the length of yarn in relation to the weight,it expresses the thickness of the yarn, and three systems of yarn count are currently in use: the fixed length, the fixed weight and the Tex systems.

Length  metre, centimetre, yard, foot, inch, city inch(China), city foot(China), city zhang(China).



 Weight/Mass  kilogram, gram, pound(avoirdupois), ounce(avoirdupois), grain(avoirdupois), catty(China), tael(China) and  tsin(China).



Force  newton, kilogram-force(kilopond; grave-force), pound-force, gram-force, millinewton, dekanewton and kilonewton.



Pressure  Pascal(newton per square meter), Pounds per square inch, kilogram per square centimeter, kilogram per square meter, pound per square foot and newton per square centimeter.



Surface Density gram per square meter(GSM), momme(mm) and ounce per spuare yard.


Top Use:    Yarn Counts conversion-Tex to Ne(S)

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