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High Glycemic Index Food List, High GI Foods List

This is a searchable collection of high glycaemic index data on thousands of foods.  High Glycemic Index foods will increase the body’s sugar levels rapidly. High glycemic index foods include many carbohydrates such as White bread, Pasta, Rice, Low-fiber cereals, etc. You can enter GI value to search for a related foods list/chart.
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Search by GI Value and Food Categories

Categories  Glycemic Index(more than or equal to)

Foods with Glycemic index more than or equal to 70 are considered high GI.

High Glycemic Index Food List

Baguette, white, plain95301514
Fruits and Fruit Products
Banana, (Musa sapientum), Nendra variety, unripe, steamed 1 h701204531
Fruit Leather (Stenocereus thurberi)70302417
Ripe plantain (Musa paradisiaca), peeled, fried in vegetable oil901202826
Cereal Grains and Pasta
Lowprotein white rice with dried sea algae701506042
Maize meal porridge, unrefined, maizemeal:water = 1:37150 (dry)3625
Golden Grahams? breakfast cereal (General Mills Inc., Canada)71302518
Pro Stars?, instant porridge (General Mills Inc., Canada)71302417
Millet, boiled711503626
Long grain, nonglutinous (non waxy) rice variety RD 21/23 (low amylose), boiled711504129
Parboiled rice721503626
Cornflakes? (Kellogg's, Auckland, New Zealand)72302518
White rice topped with raw egg and soy sauce721503626
Stirfried vegetables, chicken and rice, home made733607555
Weetabix?, plain flaked wheat biscuits (Weetabix of Canada Ltd., Thornhill, Canada)74302216
Cornflakes, highfiber breakfast cereal (Presidents Choice, Sunfresh Ltd., Toronto, Canada)74302317
Cream of Wheat?, Instant (Nabisco Brands Ltd., Canada)742503022
Cheerios? breakfast cereal (General Mills Inc., Etobicoke, Canada)74302015
Maize meal porridge, refined, maizemeal:water = 1:37450 (dry)4030
Corn Bran? breakfast cereal (Quaker Oats Co. of Canada, Peterborough, Canada)75302015
Glutinous (waxy) rice, lowamylose, boiled75
Porridge made from rolled oats752502317
Total? (General Mills Inc., Canada)76302217
Semolina (Triticum aestivum), preroasted7667 (dry)5038
Idli (parboiled and raw rice + black dhal, soaked, ground, fermented, steamed) with chutney772505240
White rice with sea algae rolled in sheet of toasted sea algae771505139
Roasted rice ball (Satou Co Ltd., Japan)77752721
Spaghetti served with pressurecooked white beans and an orange773003325

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