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Medium Glycemic Index Food List, Medium GI Foods List

This is a searchable collection of Medium glycaemic index data on thousands of foods. Medium glycemic index foods such as whole wheat products, basmati rice and sweet potato are broken down more slowly than high GI foods and more quickly than low GI foods. You can enter GI value to search for a related foods list/chart.
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Categories  Glycemic Index(between 56 - 69)

Foods with Glycemic index value from 56  to 69 are considered Medium GI.


Medium Glycemic Index Food List

Fruits and Fruit Products
Peach, raw5612085
Apricot, raw5712095
Orange juice, reconstituted from frozen concentrate57250 mL2615
Banana, raw581202313
Banana, raw581202515
Apricot, coconut and honey muffin (Australia)60502616
Mango, ripe (Mangifera indica), raw60120159
Papaya/Paw paw, raw (Carica papaya)60120159
Paw paw (papaya), ripe601202917
Dates, NS type62603321
Apricots, canned in light syrup (Riviera, Aliments Caneast Foods, Montreal, Canada)641201912
Banana, oat and honey muffin65502617
Green banana/plantain, boiled 23 min, frozen, thawed and reheated for 1 min651202717
Ripe plantain (Musa paradisiaca), peeled, boiled 10 min661201913
Plantain (Musa AAB)681203121
Cereal Grains and Pasta
White rice, dried sea algae and milk (milk eaten before rice)563004726
White rice with fermented soybean (natto)561504324
White rice with roasted ground soybean561505129
Rice, white, Type NS, boiled561504223
Long grain rice, boiled 25 min561504324
Macaroni, boiled561804827
Wheat (egg) noodles, boiled57
Gem long grain rice, boiled (Dainty Food Inc., Canada)571504023
Saskatchewan wild rice571503218
White rice, dried sea algae and milk, eaten together573004727
White rice and nonsugar yoghurt eaten together581503219
Bran Buds? breakfast cereal (Kellogg's Inc., Canada)5830127

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